Apr 8, 2018

Yaaradi Nee Mohini” serial ïn ZEE Tamil channel

One of the serials with a lot of Twists and Turns is “Yaara dee Nee Mohini’’ serial in Zee Tamil channel. Due to this, this serial has caught the attention of many viewers.

 With Mutharasan lending support for his aunt ,Kalai and Vennila are trying their best to show her true colors to mutharasan but all their attempts  going in vain. Chithra’s sprit which was helping vennila was caged by Swetha and she in turns in erases all the evidences relating to kalai’s abortion.

This way serial is on the track where all the bad characters rule the good ones."

Cast: Sanjeev, Fathima Babu, Chaithra reddy and others.

Time: 8.30 pm Monday to Friday on Zee Tamil

Thiru's 'Kula Deivam' serial nearing end, new serial coming up soon.

Kula Deivam being telecast through SUN TV Channel is filming the climax. At the final day shooting in Chennai, we talked to the artistes. The shooting was held till the wee hours of Sunday. Producer and Director Thiru Murugan is now focussing on to produce yet another mega-serial Kalyana Veedu for the Channel. The shootings of the new serial are filmed in New Delhi & Thanjavur:   N.Thyagarajan. Photos by : K.Babu




SUN TV Channel's Kula Deivam will soon over. The climax scenes of the serial were picturised in a marriage hall on Saturday, the 7th April, with artistes busily walking down the floors of a marriage hall in Vadapalani, Chennai. The artistes keep on changing their costumes off and on getting readied for their respective scenes filmed then.
Veteran actress Vadivukarasi wearing a spectacles was walking on the marriage halls and the Assistant Director was narrating the dialogues for the scene. Vadivukarasi, who had crossed more than 35 years of acting, listens to the dialogues of the director. She understands the sequences of the scenes and joyfully walks out of the marriage hall, telling that she had memorized the dialogues.
Ace stage and film actor and also director Mouli who pairs with Vadivukarasi in the serial is seen sitting on a chair, when another associate director narrates him the dialogues for a combined scene with Vadivukarasi. He just calmly listens to it and okays that he was ready for the shot.
Meanwhile myself (N.Thyagarajan) and my office Photographer K.Babu neared him and said that we were fortunate to see him there. Thyagarajan to Mouli had recalled about the Flight No.172, a stage play enacted by Mouli with Y.G.Mahendran on Music Academy, some forty years ago. He also said that after seeing the play, he had never laughed in his life time, laughing to that extent. He praised Mouli for making such comedy stage plays, which had brought ribs-tickling laughter at the Music Academy and elsewhere in the country wherever the the Flight No 172 was staged. Mouli thankfully acknowledges and stand before the camera for the climax scenes to be shot with Vadivukarasi for the Kula Deivam serial. 
Mouli has the knack of acting in films and also in serials with delivery of dialogues calmly and at times showing his anger when the sequences of the scenes needed it. Even then in anger-mood scenes, he had delivered his dialogues calmly, but his powerful eyes would showed, that he was in angry-mood. 
Eminent Dance Artiste Shanthi, who was seen in dancing for the title song of the SUN TV channel serial Metti Oli, has been acting in the Kula Deivam serial seemed to be a little bit looking pathos, for she had to act in the serial sending away her mother (Vadivukarasi) in a van, from the marriage hall.
The artistes having the roles of Alamu (Sruthika), Inspector Ranjith Raj Kanth), Rohith (Bavithran) Kayal were too present at the marriage hall for the climax scenes.
E.V.Ganesh Babu who acts as the eldest son to Vadivu-Mouli couples, says that for the last three years, the entire artistes of the troupe have been moving with each other as own family members and the coming end of the serial makes him sad.
Ganesh Babu also added that that he had been invited to produce a film and has been focusing much on the shooting of the new film. Ganesh Babu also does a meaty role in Valli.
Myself and photographer were waiting to see the Director Thiru Murugan, till 9 pm on Saturday. But someone from the production side said that he had been busy with the schedules of producing another mega-serial in Delhi and Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur. They lovingly call the director as Thiru said, that he had been producing the new serial Kalyana Veedu, but with different artistes, i.e, the artistes who had appeared in Nadhaswaram serial.
One thing I could understand from the shooting i.e., they were not only actors, but good human beings who love each other and their faces expressed their sorrowfulness, due to that they may not be able to meet every day, as they used to meet in the last three years.
Similarly, millions of  viewers who love the Kula Deivam serial would surely miss them. The very same experience when Metti Oli and Nadhaswaram serials of Thiru Murugan ended in the Sun TV Channel. But Thiru Murugan gives the viewers yet another happiness by producing the Kalyana Veedu to be telecast soon in the channel every day, except Saturdays and Sundays.

Apr 2, 2018

Akhilanda Koti Brahmananda Nayakan, a successful film


Sri Nagarjuna, son of renowned Telugu and Tamil film actor Shree Akkineni Nagaswara Rao has made sometime ago proved his caliber in acting through Annamacharya, a devotional film, based on the real story mentioned in Lord of Tirumala hills  purana with Shri Annamacharya.

Nagarjuna then had acted as Saint Annamacharya who sang many hymns in praise of the Lord of Seven Hills. The Telugu version of the film which was dubbed into Tamil and released throughout the city had proved a box-office hit. People in Tamil Nadu, welcomed the impeccable performance of Nagarjuna. There were many in Tamil Nadu who had enjoyed the Tamil version many number of times.

Nagarjuna has made yet another record through the film, Akilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayakan which was released in Tamil Nadu recently.
 Rama an ardent devotee of Lord Venkatesa was not allowed to enter the temple of Lord Balaji. Though he has the grace of the Lord, for some reasons he was not allowed inside the temple. Then the devotee Rama starts staying outside the temple, only uttering the names of Lord Venkatesa foregoing his meals every day. When the king visits  the temple, people complains about the executive officer of the temple. They say to the king, the officer swindles the revenue of the temple. Then the King  who has unshakeable belief with the Lord says, that the real devotee of Lord Balaji could alone give clean administration, as they would not long for the revenue of the temple or for any other persons. The King sees the devotion of Raman who was rounding outside the temple uttering the name of the Lord appoints him as the executive of the temple.

The ex-Executive Officer who became angry on being stripped off his position and appointing  Raman in his place creates enmity and tries to take revenge against Raman. All his plans flops because of the Grace of Sri Venkateswara.

Lord Himself starts playing dice with His Devotee Raman, in which Lord looses all his ornaments. The next day when the temple was opened for the public darshan, the priests of the temple were shocked to find that there was no gold ornaments in the temple.

Raman was branded a culprit. Then the Lord Himself appears and tells that He alone had lost all His ornaments to Raman. 

The story revolves around whether the Lord Himself played the dice with his devotee Raman. (Though it was a real story of Lord of Tirumala Hills with Raman), for the entertainment of  audience, the producer had introduced Nagarjun with a female character Anushka, as his wife.

Nagarjun has the knack of doing any devotional role with calm and unsullied mind , and this he proves it in this film also. Nagarjun has the idiosyncrasy of smiling  by simply moving his lips for a while and then go back to his original position. The audience always expected him to give a long smiling, but as a devotee of the Lord of Hills, a small smile with scaled dialogues alone would prove the merit of the character. In this, Nagarjun never failed. Similarly, the devotee Raman never challenges with anyone because he has the power of the Lord.

When Raman begs Lord Venkatesa that he wanted to die at the Tirumala Hills, the Lord grants him the boon. One could not forget the action of Nageswara Rao's son Nagarjun had exemplified in acting in each and every frame.

The film is really suitable and could be seen with all family members, as it was not attached with any vulgarity..

Apr 1, 2018

Perhaps TV serials responsible for boost in sale of CCTVs


Sale of CCTV instruments in Tamil Nadu has gone high in the last two years, without much advertisements in news papers and even in electronic media for marketing the products.
To market the newly introduced wrist watches, many manufacturers are giving page full advertisements in leading dailies spending several crores of rupees. They sometime advertise in largest circulated magazines too for over a period of time to boost their sales. Some of toiletries manufactured here in India, have also find place in advertisements, then how could the CCTV instruments are sold without much advertisements - the question remain still a mystery for many.
I have been watching almost all daily-soaps every day, as it would alone keep me afresh and would induce me to watch the next day with recapitulation of the previous days' telecast.
Each and every serial,I mean the Tamil serial, has been interwoven with murders, attacks and sometimes the utterances of lies of persons in high positions of the government and later going back from their statements that they had made earlier.Otherwise, it would not have been called a story.
Almost all the pack of lies, thefts and attacks of villians are proved with the help of CCTV footage and also the hero video-graphing the criminal activities of the villains in stories. It has become a routine affair in all tv serials.
Much of the serials which I had watched them, never missed exhibiting CCTV footage as evidences of crimes that the criminal had committed.
Some serials would take much time to take the evidences to the court. Because most of the serials are shown over three years period of time and the repetition of the CCTV footage scenes at various intervals would become waste  and the people get bored watching it.
As per the story-line, for a 30-minute episode, the characters in the serial would spend at least 10 minutes requesting the police officials to watch the footage or sometimes, the hero of the serial himself would suggest the police to find out with the help of the CCTVs displayed in various public places. The next day, that is in the next episode, investigating officials will open the CCTV-footage and will go through the entire clippings and will alert the police officials to catch the culprits. With this the second-episode would over. On the third-day knowing that the police are trying to catch him, the criminal would get into a car and escape. Within a week, the same criminal would make phone calls from a remotest place to the hero. Sometimes he would talk in different voice and would send out warning signals or would demand ransom. This is how the serials are going, but the people have been gaining knowledge about the usefulness of then CCTV instruments.
With crores and crores of people watching these daily soaps portraying the CCTVs, the audience become knowledgeable about the usefulness of the CCTV instruments, and this, perhaps why the sale of the instruments had gone high.

Mar 31, 2018

Colors Tamil channel started getting Viewers attention

"Colors Tamil" the channel which was recently started is getting viewers attention due to the programs that are being telecast. Whether it is direct tamil tv serials or Hindi dubbed serials, all are highly liked by the viewers.

Well renowned Nagini serial which was shown in Sun tv has its part 2 telecast in Colors tamil. Apart from that Velu, Naachi,Sivagami are some of them that can be added to that list. Actor Arya's " Namma Veetu Mappillai" tops the list among the lady viewers.

Sunny leone adopt Children

Actress Sunny leone is right now busy with growing children after adopting them. Actress who had already adopted a child named Nisha , has recently adopted twins Asher and Nova.

Sunny leone who spoke about this recently said that her family is big now , her husband Daniel taking care of her and she take care of Nisha and nisha in turn take care of her twin brothers.Sunny leone said this is true family indeed and love keeps increasing forever.

Mar 28, 2018

Film artistes aim for Chief Ministership


By N.Thyagarajan

The Tamil Nadu state have always facing a sort of crisis for the popular figure to rule the state as the Chief Minister.

Former Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, late Chief Ministers of the AIADMK Party --- M.G.Ramachandran and J.Jayalalithaa were once upon  a time working for the promotion of film industry by writing dialogues, stories and acting. They had not reached pinnacle heights in their career in the filmdom at a stroke. They had all sweat day and night to earn name and money.

You can't simply consider becoming Chief Minister, because, you are famous person in the film industry and became known throughout the world.

For example actor Kamal Hassan and Rajini Kanth wanted to start political parties and want to contest in elections.

MGR then known as Makkal Thilakam and Puratchi Thalaivar while acting in films was propagating his motto of life through various songs and stories. Of course, this had helped the DMK Party to entrench its position in Tamil Nadu, because of MGR who had became popular through his acting career and earned lakhs and lakhs of fans. The fans had also started to follow the late Chief Minister MGR's magnanimity by closely watching his films. Similarly, the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who had learnt politics from her mentor, the late MGR began to serve the people, though she did not win in election at sometime, but had ruled the state for the sixth time. She had won the name and fame by doing her services to all the people, without any discrimination--- caste, creed, religion or opposition political parties. She was calling a spade always a spade and never slipped or distracked from her promises she had made at the time of election. She had also made her party men to follow her foot steps so that the AIADMK could be well ruled, by her party men even after her days.

Super Star Rajinikanth, who had also earned name and became fame through his films, had acted in films but most of the stories were bereft of the story-line which the late Chief Minister MGR had followed in his films. For example, when people approached him with any expectation, MGR as per the story-line would be helping out. He had used swords in films when the story wanted to fight him and also his audience wanted to make him fight.

One could visualize there was a big deviation in Rajini films. Though he has had excelled in acting, dancing and singing songs, his fans had viewed him and praised him only for acting. MGR always exhibited charitable mind in each and every frame of film in which he had acted.

After MGR whoever began to act as heroes could not make out the imprints of MGR, as the time had changed, people wanted different line of stories based on Love. The new comers to the film industry after MGR and SivajiGanesan reached pinnacle heights, but the audience took their films as entertainment. Whereas MGR films had created a sort of faith that he would do good things if he becomes Chief Minister. On many occasions he had proved it.

For example, MGR when seeing a rickshaw walla on road walking without slippers he had ordered them immediately. He not only bought chappel for him but for other rickshaw pullers. He had fed a lot of people who were in hunger. These incidents were absence in the lives of Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth. hence, the depth of impression created by MGR was not created by the subsequent actors, but they had made an impression that they were good actors.]

( to be continued )

Mar 10, 2018

''Nandini'' never ending list of Characters

Nandini serial in Sun TV Started on a good note leaving the audience wondering with who really is the Nandhini. Story moved on with a millionaire Rajasekhar and his Son who had lost his wife due to murder by his own uncle .

There was a faithful servant and his daughter Ganga in that bungalow whom Rajasekhar''s son had to marry out of some family circumstances.

There was a flashback regarding Rajasekhar where he committed a big sin of killing the shiva nagam in order to acquire the Kala chakram.

Nandhini comes into picture as Shakthi Nagam to get the Kalachakram back and destroy entire family of Rajasekhar.

Story is clear now and audience would be expecting some direct clashes between nandhini and family of rajasekhar. But that is not the case.

There were characters like Karuppan, Bhairavi and now a new addition of Namboodhri's sister.

Some characters pose a threat for Nandhini and her goals.

However this is a Mega serial and there is no surprise even if Nandhini gives birth and the new born comes back as chinna Nandhini and starts looking for Kala chakram. :)

Feb 25, 2018

Devi Serial in Polimer TV

Polimer TV is telecasting 'Devi' serial every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm. All the childhood actors of this serial are becoming teenagers as the time passes. Along with that their problems also multiply.

Devi who was thrown out of her village comes back and she faces a lot of opposition with the only exception being Pushpa sundari's son.

Meanwhile Devi is trying to showcase the evil traits of Pushpa sundari. Story moves on with the love story of Devi.