Feb 28, 2017

Aged couples claim that Dhanush is their biological son

Madurai, Feb 28

Actor Dhanush who appeared before the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court on Tuesday in connection with the paternity claim made by an aged couple, R.Kathiresan and his wife K.Meenakshi, was issued orders to carry out verification of identification marks on the film actor's body, as claimed by the aged couple.
Dean of the Government Rajaji Hospital had carried out the birthmarks identification at the chamber of the Judicial Registrar G.Ilangovan.
The judge meanwhile adjourned the case to Thursday for further arguments after the doctor's verification was submitted before the court.
The aged couple who had claimed that in their petitions had filed with the court a set of school documents that has the birthmarks of their son.
Dhanush in a counter affidavit filed with the court had argued that he did not have the identification marks mentioned in the school documents, though he had submitted his Transfer Certificate which did not mention about it.
Meanwhile, the judge adjourned the case to Thursday for further arguments awaiting the results of the doctor’s verification. Dhanush had moved the Madurai High Court bench requesting to quash the proceedings in a judicial magistrate court in Melur in the paternity claim citing lack of evidence. During one of the proceedings, the couple had submitted to the court a set of school documents that mentions birthmarks of their alleged son. In turn,

The couple, however, refused to believe Dhanush’s claim about the identification marks, prompting Justice G Chockalingam to order the actor’s personal appearance. Kathiresan and his wife K Meenakshi have alleged that they were Dhanush’s real parents and moved the court requesting to direct the actor to pay Rs 65,000 as monthly maintenance to them.

Dhanush had repeatedly denied the couple’s paternity claim saying the respondents were not even remotely connected to him. He has voiced his suspicion that someone else might be behind the couple’s bid to extract money from him.