Dec 3, 2013


Somayajulu in Sankarabaranam as Sankar Sastri
BY N.Thyagarajan

Sankarabaranam, the famous Telugu film which attracted a large number of audience not only in Andhra Pradesh, but throughout the other states in India, is now being digitalized and is going to be re-released with digitalization sound.

In the film, Somayajulu as Sankara Sastri appears as a Carnatic music scholar and makes out public performances. Suddenly he feels he is running under penury. He gives asylum to a dancer who was deflowered by a zamindar and becomes pregnant. She does not want to live the famous Sankarabaranam Sastry but sends her son to learn Carnatic music.

When Sankarabaranam Sastry becomes poor and make heavy borrowings, the dancer, Manju Bhargavi repays the entire debts of Sastry. She does it, because she has a high regards for Sastry.

On a particular music programme, when Sastry could not sing, the dancer's son ( Sankarabaranam Thulasi) he supports with his song and the dying Sastri that his disciple was the son of Manju Bhargavi.

The film was music directed by Late K.V.Mahadevan. S.P.Balasubramaniam and Janaki had sung for several songs of the film. The film had won several laurels from various quarters and it was a successful film which was a box-office hit.

"Thorukkuna Idhuvandi Seva", Maanasa Sanjararey, Ragam Thanam Pallavi and many other songs of the film had become super-hit in those days. Think for a moment, if it is brought in digitalization !