Apr 2, 2014


Smiling Lakshmi Menon in Naan Sigappu Manithan 
By N.Thyagarajan

Kissing scenes are slowly becoming popular in Indian films, especially in Tamil films. Now a kissing scene that was filmed for Vishal Film Factory which is producing a film jointly with the UTV with Vishal as hero and Lakshmi Menon playing the opposite in Naan Sigappu Manithaan would become popular and is expected  it would create a many more films to come with such scenes.

Vishal, the hero and producer of the film when talking with some newsmen has said that the film has two important scenes. Like in James Bond films, the hero and heroine of the film would meet under sea and would kiss each other.

The filming of the scene turned out to be tedious one for our film unit and no tricky shot was used. Of course you all will enjoy it, when you watch the movie, said Vishal.

When some reporters wanted to know whether Lakshmi Menon, the charming beauty whether she was prepared for kissing scenes, she said she would be prepared if the story-line of the film makes it mandatory. She said she was prepared to act in such scenes with any heroes if the story-line of the film makes it mandatory.

Naan Sigappu Manithan production work is over and it is likely to be released either on May or June when all the youngsters would be enjoying their holidays with no reluctance to watch the new film.