Dec 3, 2013


Somayajulu in Sankarabaranam as Sankar Sastri
BY N.Thyagarajan

Sankarabaranam, the famous Telugu film which attracted a large number of audience not only in Andhra Pradesh, but throughout the other states in India, is now being digitalized and is going to be re-released with digitalization sound.

In the film, Somayajulu as Sankara Sastri appears as a Carnatic music scholar and makes out public performances. Suddenly he feels he is running under penury. He gives asylum to a dancer who was deflowered by a zamindar and becomes pregnant. She does not want to live the famous Sankarabaranam Sastry but sends her son to learn Carnatic music.

When Sankarabaranam Sastry becomes poor and make heavy borrowings, the dancer, Manju Bhargavi repays the entire debts of Sastry. She does it, because she has a high regards for Sastry.

On a particular music programme, when Sastry could not sing, the dancer's son ( Sankarabaranam Thulasi) he supports with his song and the dying Sastri that his disciple was the son of Manju Bhargavi.

The film was music directed by Late K.V.Mahadevan. S.P.Balasubramaniam and Janaki had sung for several songs of the film. The film had won several laurels from various quarters and it was a successful film which was a box-office hit.

"Thorukkuna Idhuvandi Seva", Maanasa Sanjararey, Ragam Thanam Pallavi and many other songs of the film had become super-hit in those days. Think for a moment, if it is brought in digitalization !

Nov 12, 2013

Raja Rani remake in Telugu with Arya and Nayan

By T.Sai Vignesh

After Boss Engira Baskaran,Kollywood star Arya once again paired up with Nayanthara in Raja Rani which is also a big hit at the box office. Due to this, there was a plan to start a Telugu remake of Raja Rani with this lucky pair once again. However, Director A.R.Murugadoss had his words of opposition for the remake. He said that since the story is simple and could be well appreciated by all (non-Tamils) the audience, the film could be simply dubbed. With Arya’s upcoming film Erandam Ulagam set to release in both Tamil and Telugu, he is eagerly looking forward to expand his business circle.

Sep 15, 2013


The following details has appeared in Dina Thanthi, a leading Tamil daily, issue dated September 14, 2013.

MGR says he is not a Malayali. There is no stigma attached in coming out that a person belonged to Kerala. Many believe that I am a native of Kerala. But I tell you from the depth of my heart that my ancestors were belonged to Kongu Nadu and native of Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. ( MGR talks about his nativity to dialogue and story writer Aroor Das).

When the Karnataka Mysore was ruled by then Hyder Ali, he forcibly converted many Hindus to Islam. During the regime many converted to Islam. Those who did not wish to become Moslems migrated from Pollachi and had settled down in several villages of Palghat. " Actually I belong to Mandradiar family. Later those who had settled down in Palghat were become branded as Nair or Menon. All these details were given by mother and about this my elder brother Late M.G.Chakrapani also knew it.

What MGR had told was correct. In the year December 7, 1962, Deva Kannan, belonging to Congress Party, laid roads for the devotees of Marudhamalai Murugan temple and also installed street lights. During the inaugural function that took place on the day the then Minister for Cooperatives Nalla Senapathy Sarkarai Mandradiar also participated. MGR then requested the Minister to give him chance to inaugurate the electric machine in the function. Then MGR lit the traditional lamp and expressed that he was a native of Coimbatore (Kongu nadu) and belonged to Mandradiar family. The speech of MGR and the Minister were tap recorded, which the story writer, producer, lyricist in the days of MGR had mentioned in a biography which appeared in the Tamil paper.

(One thing comes to my mind, that Shivaji Ganesan's son Prabhu used to tell that he belonged to Mandradiar community. Both MGR and Sivaji Ganesan lead a friendly life and on many occasions Sivaji had spent time in MGR's house by the food served by latter's mother.)

Jul 23, 2013



Renowned film actress, Manjula, who was introduced to film world by Dr M.G.Ramachandaran through the film Rickshawkaran, died in Chennai on Tuesday early morning in a hospital.

The actress who had acted with other leading film heroes like Sivaji Ganesan, Siva Kumar and her husband Vijayakumar fell from her bed accidentally on Monday night. She suffered injuries, but it was reported that she lost blood. She was rushed to a private hospital but died on Tuesday early morning.

Manjual hails from Karnataka, and on seeing her in a shooting spot, MGR offered her a role to act with him in the film Rickshawkaran. The film was a box-office hit and since then the actress was offered roles to act with various leading heroes.

Manjula had acted with Sivaji in Dr Siva which was also a box-office hit. She fell in love with actor Vijayakumar and with the permission of his first wife the actor had married him.

May 25, 2013

Shruthi becomes fan of Raina

By N.Thyagarajan

Shruthi Hassan has become fan of cricket player Suresh Raina, after he had scored 99 runs for the Chennai  Super Kings Team which played in Hyderabad recently.

Shruthi who has been camping in Hyderabad for her shooting of Ramaiah Vasthavaiah, being produced in bi-lingual, Hindi and Telugu, directed by Prabhu Deva. For a particular scene of the film, Shruthi has been acting with Junior NTR a few days ago, near a Swimming Pool in Hyderabad. Shruthi during the shooting, fell unfortunately in the Swimming pool, in which she sustained minor injuries. The shooting of the day went with pack-off.

The very same scene was shot on some other day.

Apr 15, 2013

Ajith against spending money for his cutouts

 By N.Thyagarajan

Thala Ajith has recently disbanded several of his fans' clubs, because he came to know that many political parties had started occupying those clubs. According to Thala, the fans clubs of several actors turned out to be publicity mongers whenever their birthdays and new films are released. " I am always frank, my fans need not spend money on cutouts. Instead they could help out several poor people who are living below the poverty line. They could be helped by creating various opportunities to continue their education and live happily", says Ajith.

In the film industry, Ajith has the habit of calling a spade always spade and he did not like to quote his hair with black dyes. No actor in the film industry has said this. When he could not attend a political party meeting, he was outspoken on that day, that he did not like to appear on political parties' political meeting.

For Ajith, politics is different from that of film industry. Ajith wants to live as an actor who had stolen the hearts of many for his outstanding acting  career as well for his transparency of his personal life. The actor is not attached with any stigma for he takes his life as it is.

Mar 25, 2013

Don't know about my future: Nayantara


After breaking away her love with Prabu Deva, Nayantara, of late, seems to be dull and begins to talk philosophy of life. When a reporter asked her about her future plans for marriage, the charming actress has said " I don't know about my future".

What the God has willed must come about is the theory of this young charming actress. Nayantara is now acting with Ajith and Aarya, but closely moves with Aarya, say many from the cine-circle. But when asked about this to Aarya he vehemently refused saying " We are true friends".

If Nayantara suddenly thinks of marrying someone, then who will be the lucky person ? is a million dollar question that makes many to think to come with a concrete answer.

One can't live for a long with always thinking of the past, surely, for everything there is a time, and it is the time alone will bring good results.

Mar 3, 2013

Script ready for Vishwaroopam Two

When Kamal Hassan's mega-budget film Vishwaroopam is rocking in all cinema halls in India and abroad, Kamal came out that he would produce Vishwaroopam Two.

The first Vishwaroopam was released in theaters, after Kamal had taken strenuous efforts. When the film was released, Kamal announced that he had plans to start Vishwaroopam Two.

Kamal has to be appreciated for his painstaking efforts in making out a film which other producers could not have dreamt of. According to the latest news, the script for the Vishwaroopam Two is ready, and Mr Kamal Hassan is discussing about the list of artistes and locales for the film.

Feb 25, 2013


Director Sundar C will be joining UTV to produce a film titled Theea Velai Seiyanum Kumar. The UTV is joining the director after the success of Kalakalappu film.

Sidharth, Hansika, Santhanam, Ganesh Venkatram, Devadarshini and many leading artistes appear in the film. The music of the film is scored by Sathya and the songs are written by Pa.Vijay.

This is the 27th film direction of Sundar C.

Feb 13, 2013

Gounda Mani to act in films

Soon Gounda Mani will appear in a Tamil film with Santhanu, son of film producer and director K.Bhagyaraj. The announcement about Gounda Mani coming back to films after a long gap of seven to eight years has given immense happiness not only to his fans but also several of Tamil film viewers. It has given a sort of happiness to some of the film artistes too.

The actor who underwent some minor health problems was asked to take rest for some months. Gounda Mani who is now hale and agile at long last had given consent to act in a Tamil film, sources close to the Blog said.

It is likely that his partner Senthil too would be appearing in the film with Gounda Mani and would bring a bellyful laughter in the atmosphere for his fans and many who like their combination.

Feb 1, 2013


Producer Mohan Gandhiraman has a knack of producing a devotional serial title Deiveegam and telecasting it through the Jaya TV Channel on Saturdays and Sundays evening at 6.30.

Deiveegam is about the real story of Lord Muruga temples situated in Tamil Nadu state, especially the Aarupadai Veedu.
The serial which may cross more than 100 episodes, has been painstakingly done with the dialogues penned by Rangarajan and music of Ravi Raghav.

The serial is directed by R.Thyagarajan.

In the first episode, the serial is focused on Ettukkudi Murugan, situated in Nagai District. The myth behind worshiping Lord Muruga of the temple and its significance. Various festivities that are taking in the temple are also mentioned in the serial.

Unlike some films that were produced early, which talked about the miracles of Muruga alone, the new serial will give priority to the reason of Lord Muruga's temple in Ettukkudi and the construction of the temple during the Tamil Kings period.

It also speaks about the various idols installed in the temple for the public to have a holy darshan of them.


People who are interested to keep animals as their pets are confused over bringing them up. Sometimes, what is food for us may turn poison for those pets and finally they land up in utter dilemma. Keeping this in mind, the Makkal TV Channel has come up with a programme called Chella Pranigal which tells the animal-lovers the way of keeping animals with narrations. The animals food habits and the required medical treatment that animals have to undergo periodically, are also beautifully explained in the programme.

Makkal TV Channels telecasts the weekly programme on Saturdays at 6.30 PM will be useful and many who had seen it are benefited, according to news pouring in to our blog.

The programme discusses not only about dogs, cats and parrots but also various other animals like white-rats, rabbits.

In today's programme, the episode will detail about the Labrador dogs which is becoming popular among the many people in the state.
Don't miss the programme.

Anjarai petti completes 1000th episode

Zee TV Tamil Channel Anjarai Petti is exhibiting its 1000th episode on February 7th.

The serial about cooking of various dishes started four years ago without any interruption and the anchors visited various places to exhibit the different menu dishes being prepared.

The 1000th episode was filmed in Andaman-Nicobar Islands and the programme is scheduled at 1 PM on all days in a week.

The 1000th episode will highlight about making of Shinga-fry and White Chocolate Rain Bow.

The producer of the Anjarai Petti Abarna is also participating and explains the viewers about the success of the episode.

The useful tips of preparation of nice dishes have been helpful to many housewives to make their family members enjoy tasty foods, says many viewers.

Jan 19, 2013

Chellamae ends on a sad-note

Radaan's mega serial Chellaemae which had crossed more than 1200 episodes ended on a sad-note by giving the character Chellammal additional burden of looking after the newly-born-female-baby and her husband's second wife.

Chellammal's husband kills Sneha for saving his child to prove that he wants to do some justification for his character.

The Chellamae did not talk about what has happened to the characters AK, Vadamalai brothers and sisters, Chellamma's father Avudaiyar ( Ravi Kumar), Thavasi ( Delhi Ganesh ).

Most of the viewers expected that the Radaan could do something for the characters, if not for the story, at least for its millions of viewers who would even give up their personal engagements and watched the serial sincerely on all five days.

Though it is presumed that one day Vadamalai will come out of jail and take care of his wife and the newly born female baby, the other characters are not justified with the link of the story.

But in toto, the serial tells the viewers how a woman should use their act of bravery, whenever they face any difficult situation. But Chellammal as per the story-line had faced series of difficulties and had any woman faced problems like the character Chellammal, one would sure of committing suicide and would have changed a mad.

Description of Chellammal character in treating each problem was something unique in its nature and this is the only way to solve any problems that one may face in his/her life. But could this be practical ?

Good story, good treatment of characters, but the end one could not say ' adieu to the serial'.

Jan 8, 2013

Chellamae now in climax scenes

Radaan TV's Chellamae which has been telecast through the Sun TV channel for more than four years, is now reaching its climax scenes. According to sources, the serial will come to end by the second or third-week of January this year.

In the serial, Ms Radhika Sarath Kumar as Chellamma has been facing severe problems from her own relatives and friends. Chellamma as a bravery woman takes cudgels against all those who had acted against her. She was under the belief that one of her daughters (twins) born to her died in the hospital at the time of delivery. Later, she comes to know that the child was kidnapped by some thugs for want of money and finally it reaches her elder brother's wife who becomes a wealthy widow.

Chellamma comes to know about this and when she starts searching for one of her twins, she found it was kidnapped by her own family friend's daughter.

Chellamma also faces problems when her husband marries second time after ditching her in Palani and runs with  a daughter and marries another woman in Kerala.
What if a woman would feel in her life, if she goes on meeting problems by problems ? Suicide? No?

Chellamma using her extraordinary brain power with which she solves all her problems and saves her own family.

As of now, Chellamma has been in search of her child, taken away by Sneha. If she finds her child and makes a proper justification to other characters in line with the story-line, Chellamae will be over.

The story and the script of the serial is properly woven, and was shot always with various close-ups without giving an iota of boredom to the viewers.

Jan 7, 2013

Prakash Raj is out of Isai

Prakash Raj may not act in a big role opted by S.J.Suryah for the film Isai as Prakash Raj is busy man and has been travelling to shoot for his films in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.
Prakash Raj who is competent enough to act with any leading artistes has been offered to do the role of a musician in Isai in which S.J.Suryah is in the lead role of another musician.

As per the story the two musicians aim to become music director in films for which they undertake various methods to entrench themselves.

Suryah thought the roles could be done only by eminent artistes like Prakash Raj, but he is busy with the schedules of his own productions.

While talking about the role Suryah says, " the character is very crucial to the film's plot and I am trying someone who would fit the role and I am now scouting for a good character artistes to replace Prakash Raj".