Dec 30, 2007


Vijay TV has come with a different chat show "Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu" (Thursday, 10 p.m.) where the host, Charmila talks to achievers from different walks of life. The guests will talk about their success story and the person who made it happen. The guests will bring to the show one person who has inspired him/her the most and was their during difficult times. It could be their parent, spouse, mentor or fan. The guest list includes actor Madhavan, writer Balakumaran, Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, Dr.Geetha Haripriya, singer `Mahanadhi' Shobana', Paul Dinakar and many others.

Dec 28, 2007



Vedha is a film based on the real story of lovers who live in Singapore. Because, they were not successful in their love one of them gone mad. Vasu Bhasker who comes to know of the story has written the story, screen play of the film. R. Nithya Kumar, who is one-time Associate of the directors T.K.Bose, K.Subash, and S.J.Surya is writing the dialogues and directing the film.

Arun Vijay who is the hero of the film said that he expected postive results from this film. Arun who is on his way to the USA for higher studies in connection with learning of editing and other techniques said, that he would like to meet the real persons who were affected by the love. He said the film has some additional inputs like the music director Srikanth Deva and Vasu Bhasker dancing for a gana song of Gana Bala.He added that four new lyricist were introduced in the film with good lyrics will add the merit to the music direction of Srikanth Deva.He also said that most of the scenes were shot in Malaysia.

After completing the Film Making Course Arun Vijay wanted to produce his own film through his own company.



Amma Creations Vaazhthukkal directed by Seeman has to tell a lot about the responsibilities of the sons and daughters to look after their parents when there is a law very much in force. Seeman points out that many Tamils had forgotten their responsibility of taking care of their old aged parents.They simply leave them in orphanages or not all paying heed to their requests. Since, it is the world of urgency and creativity many find no time to look after their parents, says Seeman.

The film Vaazhthukkal tells that the people should love their parents. They must treat their parents just as they love themselves.

In this film Bhavana is an agricultural student who loves to do tilling the soil, since she happens to be a daughter of a farmer in a village. She falls in love with Madhavan who is a rich and a soft-ware engineer. Both falls in love with each other but forgets to understand each other. This create confusion in their love.

Seeman, finds a solution, however the horoscopes of boys and girls might agree, there is one more thing to be observed by the families of the boys and girls. Are their minds united? He suggess that this could be possible through the love marriages.

The shooting of this film is going on vigorously, to release it on January 12, next



Playback Singer and film producer S.P.Balasubramaniam in a scathing attack about the present day music direction in films was nothing but what the duo M.S.Viswanathan and Ramamurthy had done in the past. The present day music directors had picked up, what the duo threw as wastes on the dust bins. Before uttering this word, he wanted everyone to apologise him for using the word. SPB came out publicly while eulogising the music directors who were honoured at the audio release function of the Tamil film Vellithirai produced jointly by Moserbaer and Duet Movies. During his speech SPB said, he had set right his Tamil diction after he visited the two for a chance who drove him out for his Tamil pronunciation was very bad then. Hence, with the desire to sing for films he started learning the language.

Prakash Raj who is acting in Velli Thirai decided to honour the veteran music directors and the playback singer P.B.Srinivos.

Speaking at the function Malayalam actor Mohan Lal has said, that he was happy over his film was produced in Tamil.

Lyricist Vairamuthu while praising the two music directors, said the two had set an example for the true friendship in their personal lives as well in music direction. Vairamuthu recalled that his lyrics in Roja, Dharmapathini would have the lyrics that would aptly represent the duo's music direction. The lyricist praised the actor Prakash Raj for made an attempt to honour the music director and the playback singer PBS.

Speaking at the function, the music director M.S.Viswanathan said that some decades ago Ilayaraja, Shankar and Vidya Sagar were all the members of the music family of MSV and Ramamurthy. When all were separated they become good music directors about which he felt happiness. He said that there was no age limit for music. There was a wrong notion prevailing, that
a particular song or songs may not suitable for a particular age or ages. He had seen a lot of songs were enjoyed by all age groups. MSV said, even now he could do music direction, provided that the songs must have matter and a good meter (payment of money). MSV said that he did not like having a separate function for himself. He said that the credit of becoming a music director was due to his colleague Ramamurthy who was a guidance in his life.



AVM Productions have decided to celebrate its Sivaji film's silver jubilee celebrations on Jan.11 at the Madras University Centenary Hall. The film was released in June last, had a successful run for more than 175 days in Chennai, Kancheepuram and Bangalore. Following its super hit, the producers have planned to honour the artistes and technicians. Most probably, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M.Karunanidhi will participate as the chief guest of the function.



Even before the release of the Tamil film Mirugam, director Samy is now discussing with Telugu film producers to remake the film in Telugu. Samy knows well that the Tamil version is going to be a super hit but is confused with who should be the heroine of the film. In Tamil it was Padma Priya who had acted in the film later entered in a controversy over which the Film Producers Council banned the director from directing Tamil films for a year's time. The Tamil version of the film's hero is going to do the hero's of the Telugu version, it was learnt.



Raja the hero of Kanna is a known face to all. Earlier he had acted in Telugu films with Shreya, Sneha, Priya Mani, Kamalani Mukherjee and Jenelia. He has also done his appearances in some advertisement films and had acted with Simran, Trisha and Asin



The general public and devotees of the Sriperumbudur Sri Adi Kesava Perumal Temple staged a protest against the shootings of the Indira Logathil Na.Azhagappan in which comedian Vadivelu appears in three different roles. The public started to protest when they saw a lot of banana leaves strewn on the outside of the temple. The devotees got angered on seeing those banana leaves contained with some food wastages was thrown near the Noorukal Mandapam where the festival of the Lord usually carried out.
They came to know all the banana leaves were thrown by the film unit people, including the comedian Vadivelu, who after finishing their morning breakfast. The people who came to know about the nuisance that was caused by the film unit, immediately began their protest not to carry the shootings of the film inside the temple and demanded to remove those banana leaves immediately from outside and put it in the waste baskets.They feared the similar nuisance might be caused by the film unit in the inside of the temple precinct if they allow the shooting to take place.

Hence, the entire film unit moved out of the temple. But, in the afternoon after getting permission from the HR&CE officials, the shooting went off peacefully.



A tamil book, 'Poonaigal Illadha Veedu', containing 11 short stories- all were written by Chandra-who has been an assistant to the director Ameer quite a long time. All these stories were published in various magazines and all compiled in book format was released recently by the ace director K.Bharathi Raja at a small function. The first copy was received by the director Ameer himself from Bharathi Raja.

After releasing the book the director K.Bharathi Raja in his valedictory address said that his cinema and Tamil had a close proximity of relationship, since he had been talking the Tamil literary through his medium of celluloid. And whereas the writers tell their literature through cinema. Bharathi Raja said that each and every young must have had some ambitions and dreams at the young age. Either they must have thought of becoming a writer, orator, politician or an artist. "But I came to cinema. As a writer I would have known to the public 50 years ago. But I am making my records by becoming a director".

When talking about the Poonaigal Illadha Veedu, the director said that after reading the book, he felt that still there were a lot of villagers faced with utter economic poverty problems and in a difficult situations to lead their lives. Bharathi Raja recalled his young days when his father was running under penury, he had to sell away his house and moved to a small house which had less comforts. His family faced poverty for more than 30 years till the birth of his sister. The director said, that the economic condition had not improved in villages.

Bharathi Raja said he had so far exhibited the beauty of villages, but failed to record the poverty lives of the villagers. " After reading the book I went back to my past life. Now I have completed 65 years. I wanted to become a grown up person when I was young. Now I want to become young man".
Becoming a film director was not an easy thing. When the Britishers called us 'Barbarians" gave no importance to us, I have become a film director from the backward village of Theni. Similarly, the writer who also hailed from the Theni district have become a great director and I wish her a good luck" said Bharathi Raja.

In the function writers Manushya Puthiran, Chari Niveditha, Kavignar Vennila, lyricst Naa.Muthukumar and Snehan all participated. Snehan was the compere of the function.



Tirumalai Sri Balaji Films is producing Pon Magal Vandhal with a lot of new faces like Manjunath, Raji, Kumaran, Suveetha, M.Naik and Manjusri. Kovai Selvam and Solur C.Thoppaiah who jointly produce this film have ace actors like Pandiya Rajan, Alex, Sethu Vinayagam, Nalini, Nellai Siva, Benjamin, Kottachi, Kantharaj and Sri Kala.

The shooting of the film is over and the re-recordings of the film under the music direction of Sangeetha Priya is going on.Udaya Kumar has done the cinematography and the story, screen play, dialogues and direction are all handled by E.M.Ramamurthy.



Director Perarasu at times angered by the question when asked about his 'writing of lyrics' for his films. The director immediately asks "did you pose the same question to Vijaya T.Rajender who also writes lyrics and sometimes does the music direction too? I am writing lyrics to my own taste, by keeping in view of some heroines in my mind for my films. My lyrics would aptly suit the lip movements of my actors and actresses in my films", says Perarasu.



A small temple for the God Muneeswarar is being constructed for the film Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondram Aandu film directed by Mettioli fame Thirumurugan. The story line of the film talks about the Muneeswarar temple with the character of the Muniyandi. Soon the shooting of the film likely to be started in Pollachi where the temple is being constructed at a cost of Rs.10 lakh. It has been decided by the producer to donate the temple to the public after the shooting of the film was over.

Dec 12, 2007


Recently buxom actress Namitha was in Sri Lanka to participate in a function of the Sri Lankan Television channel. Namitha, who appeared on the stage began to give her speech. A lot of fans who were watching Namitha began to raise questions when the actress is going to be married. Innocent Namitha who said on dais that she had not decided about it. Then a group of 13 persons who started walking before the stage in the stadium saying that they were prepared to marry her. Fearing that the actress might be attacked by the fans, the police and the organisers of the programme took the actress safely away from the function. Many said that it was a miraculous escape of Namitha.


Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkiradhu fame Mallika Kapoor is now acting in Anthony Yaar? film as a fisher-woman. It is considered a weighty role and she does the role with actor Sham and after the release of the film Mallika will be flooded with a lot of offers. One thing about Mallika Kapoor is not happy that her film Ramesh Puli Varudhu with Jithan Ramesh is not yet released. The producer faces some problems for its release.

She is always the youngest daughter in all serials

(By N.Thyagarajan)

Mettioli fame Revathy Priya has one more responsibility in the new mega serial Paasam ! In the serial she appears as the second daughter of a dignified family. Ever since, this budding actress began her career with the mega-serial Mettioli, she is given the role of the youngest of other four daughters in her family.

In Paasam, she loves a boy hailing from a rich family. She refuses to roam with him telling that she wants fulfill her sister's dream by becoming a graduate. She asks him to wait patiently and requests him to find a suitable groom for her elder sister. This type of assignments was not given in her earlier soaps.

The entry to her acting career began when one of her family friends suggested her to go and meet the Mettioli director Thirumurugan for a chance; she went straight to the director and told him that she was new to acting. The director welcomed her openness and offered her to do the role of Bhavani in the serial.

Recalls Revathy, "I could not imagine myself that I would be speaking a dialogue without mistake on the first day. The director who was watching me from the other corner encouraged me and said 'good' and advised me to maintain the very same action" says Revathy.

In Megala she does the role of Keerthana, the fourth and the youngest daughter of a business man.

In the Girija MA for the Jaya TV she does the role of a heart-patient. Her elder sister Priya Raman encourages and gives hope to face her problems courageously.

In Kolangal she does the role of innocent niece to Devayani. Her husband decamps with all her costly belongings on the very night of the marriage. Coming to know about her husband's fraudulent action, she becomes a psychic patient.

Very recently she completed her role in Nimmadhi as the youngest daughter doing Medicine in a City college.

Says Revathi Priya," I never mind doing any role. The 811 episodes of Mettioli have given me courage to do any roles. The serial was successful one with all new faces, and I owe credit to the director Thirumurugan. It was he who had taught all to do their roles casually just as we act to our normal problems in real life. That was the reason why this serial had won the audiences from various parts of the country" claims Revathy Priya.

Another interesting point in her career as an artiste was all the other artistes who acted with her as elder sisters in the Mettioli serial began to behave with her as the real sisters. All the girls treated their parents as their own in their real life too. "We all the daughters of Chidambaram Pillai wept in a scene without using glycerine to bring out tears from our eyes. On seeing our father's death in the serial we all began to cry just as it happened in our real life. Tears were flowing down from our eyes when the death scene was shot. It took at least an hour for all to settle down from the grief "tells Revathy Priya


Thotta Sinungi, Swarnamuki, Priyasaki were some of the films directed by K.S.Adhiyaman who was in Chennai after a long time. The director left for Mumbai for sometime to direct Hindi films is now in Kodambakkam studios amidst busy schedules of the Thoondil.

Question: You have comeback to Tamil after a long time. What is your next movie?

Answer : Now I am directing Thoondil with Sham as hero opposite Sandhya and Divya. It is a family subject with two heroines. It will be colourful and going to masala. I started this film without any publicity and pooja.

Question: I heard that you left Tamil Nadu and settled in Mumbai?

Answer : Who said? ( Laughs) and with a pause, Tamil Nadu is my land. Kodambakkam is my birth place. Mumbai is my mother-in-law's house.

Question: You know that Sham's recent films were not very successful. Knowing the fact how you selected the hero?

Answer : One can't calculate the failure of the film with the actors and actresses of the film. My task is to win in the race with the horse which had not seen the victory. You can recognise the calibre of Sham's acting in the film.

Question: Does it mean that the Director alone is responsible for the success of the film?

Answer: I didn't mean that. But when a film flops the directors are blamed. When such is the order of the day, why you didn't accept that the total victory of a film lies in the hands of the director.When you go back past in the Tamil film history it was Bala who gave a good break to Vikram and Suriya. There are many directors who have become successful in their ventures after they had given chances to the artistes who were once upon a time denied. their chances. They too had became popular after they acted under the successful directors.

Question: Could you tell me the difference between Hindi and Tamil films?

Answer : It may be a Hindi film or the Tamil one, the ultimate responsibility is the same.To complete a Hindi film it takes a long time. In Tamil, the completion of the work is very quick.



When the whole world is deeply engrossed with the day and night cricket match of Pakistan Vs India an incident takes place at 10 PM. The persons who are totally strangers to the incident are taken to the books. This is outline story of the Indian Dream Makers' Pathu Pathu.
By N.Thyagarajan

Thalai vasal Vijai, Bose Venkat, Sandith, Krishna, Sona, Padma, Chengai Maran, Mani Maran, Abhinayasri, Laksha are cast in the film directed by Sathyam who also writes the story, screen play and dialogues. The director Sathyam is an one-time-assistant to Robert Rajasekaran. The cinematography of the film is done by Sri Ganesan. Music Director L.Vaidyanathan's son L.V.Ganesan does the music direction.

Recently, the shooting of the film took at the T.R.Gardens and in Mohan Studio in which Abhinayasri, Laksha and Sona danced for a song. The lyrics of the film are written by J.Aleem, Yuga Bharathi, Muthu Vijayan and the PRO of the film is Selva Raghu. Editing is done by M.Jayakumar while the Art is managed by Rama Krishnan.

The film is produced by Thirumathi Rajeswari Gnanasambandham on behalf of Indian Dream Makers.


( by N.Thyagarajan )

Atlantic Cinemas Kadhalil Vizhundhen is an action film as well as the film has its own ingredients with a place for natural scenario.

Boys film fame Nagulan who is also younger brother of Devayani is acting in the film as hero. Telugu film heroine Surena is the heroine of the film directed by B.V.Prasad.

The director Prasad, earlier had been assistant to the ace directors like Azhagam Perumal, V.Sekar and Vijay Milton. Prasad who knows the hero's acting techniques from the days of his first appearance in the Boys film, started training Nagulan in action, dance, dialogue delivery and mannerisms. Even Nagulan himself had taken severe exercises to fit himself for the fighting scenes of the films. Nagulan has been expecting a good fortune through this movie and he has filled the bill to become a great hero in the near future.

Recently, the fighting scenes of the film was shot at the Chennai Anna Salai underground path. Nagulan did all his action and never allowed to use dupes for some of the actions which any other heroes won't do.

This is the first Tamil film for the Telugu heroine Surena. Earlier she had acted in 10th Class and Something Something. It is expected like the Kamal-Sri Devi combination, this film's hero and heroine in future will entrench a brand for themselves.

Beside the two artistes, Livingston, Hariraj, Sambath, Pasi Sathya are appearing in the film. Earlier Hariraj was introduced in Valli film produced by Rajinikanth.

When talking about this film, the director Prasad said that the 'death' can't separate the love of a person. When asked about the meaning of this love and death, the director came out with a reply, "if you watch the film you will understand, what I am saying in the film".

The director himself writes the story, screen play and dialogues of the film is a plus point, that the film would bring success after its release.

The film has a lot of fighting scenes, and to say about a particular fighting in which Nagulan had given his life to fight in a winch. The winch fighting was introduced 32 years ago in a film and aftermath there was no such fight took place in the history of Tamil cinema. The ace cameraman Vijay Milton tied a rope around his waist and filmed the scene. The Stunt Master Action Prakash did the fighting scenes of the film for more than six days. The fighting scenes of the Nagulan, Livingston and Sambath were filmed on the Coimbatore-Mettupalayam Railway routes.

Similarly, some of the songs were filmed in Andhra Talakonam forest area. Climax scene of the film also took in the very same forest. Due to poor sunlight in the area, the producer brought mega bulbs to give a look of the scenes taking place in the day light.

Totally, Kadhalil Vizhundhen is an action film as well a real story that takes place told in a different way.

Vijay Antony does the music. One important aspect of the music of Antony is that he used BGM Guitar for Attra Naaka Mooka song with fast beatings.

Besides Action Prakash, Supreme Sundar also does the stunts of the film.

S.Umapathy produces the film for the Atlantic Cinemas.



THE famous Malayalam heroine Kavya Madhavan who was here in Chennai for the shootings of Saadhu Miranda was a one-time child artiste of the Malayalam films. People started recognising her when she first appeared in Pookalam Varavayee.Her photos started to adorn the houses of various fans in Kerala after the film Chandran Udikkunna Dikkil was released.She did the role of heroine in the film. While the people of Kerala have had seen her growth step by step in films, the people of Tamil Nadu began to recognise her when En Mana Vaanil was released.

"Still I live in the minds of the Keralaite because my roles in Malayalam films were such. Various directors had given me life and still I am the 'queen' in the film Industry" claims Kavya. If any one asks me what I would have been, had I not entered the filmdom, I could not find a suitable answer to it" says Kavya.

"Today I am in good position and known to all because the blessings of the Lord Guruvayoorappan and Mookambika" says Kavya who says that she has been an ardent devotee and regular visitor to these temples.

When asked about why there was such a long respite in getting chance after the Tamil film En Manavaanil, she replied that she was expecting offers, but there was no one from Tamil Nadu offered her chance.She said, " At last the director Siddique called me to act in his Saadhu Miranda."

When asked about her character in Saadhu Miranda, she said that she is acting as an Editor for a private TV channel. She saves the hero Prasanna from committing suicide. " After the incident the story takes a different twist" happily comes out Kavya but not with the entire story of the film.

"Really, I feel sad that I could not continue my education to earn good name as I have been getting through my acting. However, I am doing first year B.A ( Literature ) by correspondence courses" says Kavya.

When asked about acting in glamour roles, Kavya replied that she was dead against exposing body in the name of glamour. " Even I will not welcome, if anyone comes with the story that I should appear glamourously in one or two songs. I would simply reject the story and the person who is aiming for something from me" swiftly replies Kavya.

Kavya was able to answer the following questions in one word.

What is the meaning of acting?
Ans: Creation (Sirushti)

What is the meaning of Love?

Love has no form. So far I have no experience in that.

What about your marriage?

The selection of the groom is left with my parents.

What is the important thing with you like most?

Only my eyes. With my eyes only I see myself and others.

Dec 8, 2007


It is no exaggeration to bring to the notice of our readers that the filmed roles of Varanam Ayeram was not found when the film unit people noticed at the Chennai Air Port. Varanam Ayeram is a film of Oscar V.Ravichandran directed by Gautam Menon. Recently, the shooting of the film was taken at the USA in which Suriya, Sameera Reddy and Divya participated. Nearly 20 percent of the film was shot in the USA and the producer had spent Rs.20 crores to produce the film in the USA. The important scenes of the film roles were sent to Chennai through two production Managers to check the rushes of the film. On getting down from the Air Port, both of them were shocked to see that the film roles were found missing. Immediately, the two managers alerted the airport authorities to trace out the valuable film reels. The authorities at the Chennai Air Port immediately contacted the Singapore Air Lines Office and after a long search it was found that the film roles were untouched by anyone but lying at the airport offices. Immediately, the Singapore Air Port authorites contacted and informed that the film roles would be sent in the next immediate flight. The two production managers were relieved on seeing the film roles at the Chennai airport.


In Dasavatharam in which Kamal appears in ten different get up will be fighting with another Kamal. Hollywood Stunt Master Jeep Gadana has done the fighting scene of Kamal Vs Kamal well. It took 20 days to film the fighting. In the fighting scene three helicopters were used, according to a spokes person of the production company. In Dasavatharam Kamal appears as an ninety-two-year-old lady. He has done the role effectively but with painstakingly. Though it consumed much hours for Kamal to do the role, the scene will appear only for 15 minutes.


Villain and character artiste Raghuvaran recently lent his voice for a song for the film Thodakkam. If the song becomes hit, then our Villain will become a singer cum actor. Another interesting story about Raghuvaran is he is writing a book, propably his biography.


Gautami is coming back to act in Tamil films through Saroja directed by Venkat Prabhu who is the son of Music Director Ganghei Amaran.Recently the subamuhurat of the film was taken at a simple function in which the playback singer SPB and actor Madhavan participated. Gautami has accepted the offer of the film only after knowing that she is going to perform a weighty role in the film. SPB's son Saran also doing a meaty role in the film.


Three new directors are going to direct three different films of Shakthi. Shakthi who made his debut through his father P.Vasu's Thottal Poo Malarum is going to act in three Tamil films soon. All the three films are to be directed by the two assistants of the director S.A.Chandrasekar and another assistant of Director Dharani.


Manal Kairu one of the best comedies of 80s in which Visu wrote the story, dialogues and did the direction is coming out with its second part. The new Manal Kairu is to be produced by S.Ve.Shekar with his son Ashwin Sekar as the hero of the film. The selection of other artistes for the new film is being carried out vigorously.


Maddy's acting with Kamal Hassan's daughter Sruthi Haasan is not yet confirmed. According to Madhavan that there was no confirmed news about Sruthi becoming heroine of the film in which Madhavan is going to act. Madhavan said, that he had been acting in six films including a Hindi film. Madhavan was openly talking to reporters when his new fim production, Lucas Films was inaugurated on November 30. Pyramid Saimira Managing Director M.Saminathan inaugurated the newly formed company.

Madhavan said, that he saw a wonderful Marati film and had decided to remake it in Tamil as Evano Oruvan. The film was directed by Nishi Kanth. He also said, that he had no idea of produing any film in the near future.

Dec 3, 2007


Following the comedians Vadivelu, Vivek, Santhanam, Kanja Karuppu who have acted as heroes, Sendhil too have decided to become hero through the film Adhivassiyum Asiapesiyum, directed by Malan. Sendhil in this film appears as a tribe who is the hero of the film finds a cell on the road-side. The cell phone disturbs his routine job and gives him a lot of trouble. This is outline of the story.

The film is to be shot in the forests of Malaysia and South Africa, according to the director Malan. There is a proposal to produce the film in the Japanese language also.


One may perplex to hear that actress Simran is going to act as the wife of Karunas for a remake of Malayalam film Vadakku Nokki Iyandhiram into Tamil. Is it because that the actress is driven out totally from the film industry or is it because of she is married and has become mother. The producer clarifies as per the story-line that a beautiful girl marries an awkard person. The beauty is Simran. The Malayalam film was a superhit and the producer had decided to produce it in Tamil, expecting that the beauty queen Simran will once again appear in the silver screen with heroine roles hereafter. A beauty is always beauty and will be ever beauty.


Actress Bhavana has gone to Newzealand with the Ondari Telugu film producer Gopi Chand to find out the locales for the film's songs.She has given up her heart to do the film's song in an beautiful atmosphere.


An Australian girl, Vega is acting in duel role for the film Saroja directed by Chennai - 28 fame Venkat Prabhu. Vega in this film appears as a village girl and as well a city girl. Vega with the motive of acting in films, earlier had been acting for Broadway Drama Troupe and gained experience in the field. The story of the film is about three incidents which took place on different places. The victims of the incidents are not known to each other, but in another incident all these people join together and become friends. This is the outline of the story.

Chennai - 28 stars Siva, Sumant, Sambath Saran and Premji. Jayram and Prakash Raj appear in a weighty role.

T.Siva produces this 18th film for Amma Creations. Yuvan Sankar Raja does the music for the lyrics of Vali and Ganghei Amaran.

Dec 2, 2007

Machakaran - Tamil film review

The story of love between utter poverty stricken Jeevan and rich Kamna. As per story-line Jeevan wants to help others. His help to various persons on several occasions misunderstood by the people and hence he meets bad treatments from them. Kamna who is close friend of innocent Jeevan helps him out by proving that he is innocent to all. The friendship becomes love, and Kamna's father Chopra Joe threatens Jeevan's father Vinod Raj that he would face dire consequences, if he allows his son to marry Kamna. Hence, the marriage did not take place. On coming to know, the Chopra was a fraudf, Jeevan decides to expose him. He takes Kamna with him to a relative house. When Kamna's father comes to know about the wedding to take place, he reaches the village with his goons to stop the marriage and take away Kamna. What happens is the suspense of the story?

This is second film for the director Tamil Vaanan after his first film Kalvanin Kadhali. He takes the story with experimenting it in the first half and in the second half the story runs with a high speed. Jeevan has missed the nice chance in this film to setttle in his character. Yuvan Shankar Raja was too busy with other films, and hence could not organise a proper music in this film.

Totally Machakaran (Lucky fellow) becomes unlucky by virtue of its story.


During Depak's tenure as the villain of the Selvi mega serial, he has orchestrated the murder of an innocent girl. The villain, brain washed her on the pre-text of his soft-brother who is in love with the girl. Deepak when did positive role as the brother (a temple priest) of the villain, he was subservient and humble with which he won the heart of the innocent girl who visited the temple to see him everyday. It is after the Selvi, the very same negative character continued in the Radaan TV’s next production Arasi which was telecast on the SUN TV channel in the prime-time hours (9.30 PM to 10 PM). This time the villain could not escape from our Indian Scotland yards. He was taken to jail after he had confessed that he was alone responsible for the girl’s death.

While recalling his roles as villain for soaps, there was no restriction for body languages. “We can move freely with dialogues in high decibels. Even you can jump from your seat; nobody would say anything about it. But you must prove that you are an anti-character in the soap. But, for doing hero roles, you must be very attentive and come out with dialogues as directed by the directors. Your movements are restricted as hero of the serial. You can’t turn yourself in scenes without permission of the creators”, says Deepak who was in the midst of the shootings of the mega-serial Bandham. The shooting of Bandham took on the sixth floor of the Hotel Kanchi.

Deepak started his career as model for advertisements like Fanta, Nescafe Ice Premier coffee maker. Then he was studying B.A. (Economics) in Lyola College and wanted to become a motorbike racer and did the practice in the Irungattu Kottai race course. His parents feared over the motor racing and asked him to eschew the idea.

After seeing his advertisements and ant-like movements he was given a small role in DD’s Uravugal Thodar Kadhai. Following, his recognition in the soap, he approached Raj TV to compere the Campus – Pop Bazar – Three Roses Perfect Couple Contest programme. He recalls, the programme lasted for 200 episodes. His attempts to do good roles took positive shape when he was given chance in Anbaithedi mega-serial produced by Hansa Vision and directed by V.Mohana Sundaram. He did simultaneously Anni for the Jaya TV and Agni Satchi for the Star Vijay.
Ace Director K.Balachander who was noticing Deepak’s action gave him a role to do in Inai Kodugal. He was asked to do hero role in Erakkai Kattiya Manasu for the Raj TV directed by Rajeev Prasad.
When asked about the difficulties he faced while doing the villain role and positive role simultaneously for the Radaan’s Selvi, he said, “ I learnt from the director that the ‘timing’ is most important for anyone to do dual roles. You will have to be two different persons when the camera is fixed. You will have to bring two different persons’ characters with varying modulations” says Deepak.
“ I never planned to become an actor under the two great directors like K.Balachander and P.Samuthirakani” and adds “ I took the acting in soaps very seriously after the chances started flowing”.
Very recently his role in Malargal as the hero-cum-villain had brought him laurels. He did the role of a good husband for Sri Vidya and son-in-law to Delhi Kumar. The soap was telecast in the Sun TV Channel.
He was chosen as the Best Villain Actor Award 2004 by the Variety Awards for the villain role in Manaivi. For his character role in Meendum Kaadhal Kadhai, he was awarded the best Male Supporting Award. The award was given to him by Suhasini Mani Ratnam. Though he did a good role in Getti Melam directed by Vikramadityan, he was not awarded anything, though he was expecting at that time.
His father works as the GM for the SRM Group of Hotels and his sister a student participated in Miss World University held very recently in China and reached upto semi finals.
‘do a loving hero role, at present Deepak is doing a positive role as good son and husband role in Bandham, directed by Hari Babu.



A new slot titled Pallikattu Sabari Malaikku will be on the air on all Mondays to Thursdays at 7 PM though the VIJAY TV Channel. While there has been a mega serial about Lord Ayyappa is on the air in the very same channel, the channel has introduced this programme. It is about the system of Irumudi and fastings observed by the devotees of the Lord Ayyappa before they take pilgrimage to the Ayyappa Temple. It also tells, the wearing of the sacred mala by the devotees and details the 18-steps in the Sabarimala. The devotees are also come out with their real experiences with the Lord. In between the show, the devotional songs are also aired with important scenes. The scenes include the Pamba river and other holy places that are considered to be worthwhile.


By N.Thyagarajan
Film actress Kausalya will be in Jaya TV Channel's mega serial Alai Payudhey. She is doing the role of eldest daughter who brings her younger sister up and tries to find a suitable matrimony for a boy employed in the USA. But, the groom gives a lot of trouble to her sister. Kausalya's friend a Tamil who is in US helps her and takes action against the bridegroom who is sentensed by the US Court. Fathima Babu and Sivakumar act as mother-in-law and father-in-law of the youngest sister. Krishna is acting as the husband. Lakshmi is doing the sister's role and Gautaman does the villain role. Prithvee Raj is the hero of the serial. The serial is to be aired from December 10.



It is not Preethi Srinivas hereafter for the mega serial Bandham. Now the beauty Rindhiya is taking over from Preethi. Rindhiya is known for her excellent performances in various serials with her matured performances whatever may be the character that she was given earlier. Bandham which has scheduled to go more than 900 episodes, is now crossed 300 episodes. It is going to be a hey-day for Rindhiya to prove her mettle with duel role as Nithila and Jeeva. According to Gurubaran, one of the directors of the San Media Production,that the shooting of Rindhiya had started and in the coming days, the viewers would be enjoying the acting calibre of the actress.

Kabilan writes the story and dialogues of the serial.

Remix of old songs and new songs in old type in Jaya TV

Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

Soon the Jaya TV has plans to bring its Chukkudhey Manam slot into a new a variety. Ealier the singers on the stage were singing for the actual scenes of the film scenes. In the old pattern the songs were sung by various singers.Now the scenes of various new Tamil films would be chosen for the old films songs sung by these artistes. The remix songs of the old songs for the new films and new songs for the old films would be aired through the Jaya TV Channel. The show is produced by GV Films with Priyam Entertainers. Creative head of the programme Karur Gopi and is to be anchored by Priya Subramaniam who is a singer and an advocate by profession. Direction and cinematography by C.Dhanabalan

Dec 1, 2007


( Karpgam N.Thyagarajan )

Saaregama Productions is producing a new mega serial Athipookal for the Sun TV Channel to be telecast from December 3 between 2 PM and 2.30 PM. The serial will be aired on all working days except Saturdays and Sundays. The serial is directed by K.Shiva and the story and dialogues are written by Saravana Raja. Screen Play is done by Indra Soundararajan and creative head is K.Shanmugam.

Chethan his wife Deva Darshini, Vietnam Veedu Sundaram, Sandhya, Premi and Thilagam are appearing.

Nov 29, 2007


By N.Thyagarajan

Singapore Airlines has obtained exclusive rights for the in-flight screening of Rajinikanth’s latest release, ‘Sivaji-The Boss.’

The movie, released in June this year, made news for being the most expensive Indian production to date. “This is the first time Singapore Airlines has purchased the rights of an Indian movie.

The film will be screened on all its international flights from December 1st,” said Mr Bharat Mahadevan, airlines manager- southern India.

The screening rights has been purchased from Ayngaran international, a London-based company that had the distribution rights of Sivaji for the overseas market. SC Babu, CEO, AVM Productions- producers of Sivaji, said that the film will be dubbed in Hindi and released in January next year.

Nov 27, 2007


The Bollywood Super Star Sanjay Dutt,was granted bail by apex court Tuesday giving a big relief to not only the actor and his family but also to the Indian film industry. The film actor is involved in different Bollywood projects worth more than 100 crore rupees.

A Supreme Court bench comprising Justices K.G. Balakrishnan, R.V. Ravindran and J.M. Panchal granted bail to Sanjay Dutt. Dutt is presently serving a jail sentence in Pune’s Yeravada jail.

The Bollywood superstar who has acted in some of the most successful movies over the last two decades is serving a six-year jail sentence under the Arms Act in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. Dutt was convicted for buying AK-56 rifle and a pistol from underworld dons linked to the bombings in which 257 people were killed in Mumbai in 1993.

Sanjay Dutt, son of late Sunil Dutt, who was one of the best actors the country has produced and a Congress party leader has challenged his conviction by TADA court late last month. He has sought bail until the petition was heard.The actor who has been serving his sentence in Pune's Yerwada Jail.

Sanjay Dutt had also sought his release on bail pending a decision on his plea.

Priya Dutt, a Congress MP and Sanjay Dutt's sister Priya Dutt expressed her happiness over the release of her brother saying, “''We are happy that he would come here soon. We hope for a better tomorrow and want to thank all who have supported us to overcome the situation”.

Nov 26, 2007



Jaya TV Channel is going to air 'Duplicate', a programme in which a lot of artistes having the similarities faces and voices of various actors, actresses and singersould be appearing on the screen. The programme is scheduled to air in the channel as early as possible. The programme is to be anchored by the film comedian Mayilsamy who has invited all those who have the simlarities of faces and voices of leading film artistes and singers. The programme will last for 45 minutes on every sundays, it is said.

While Sun TV airs on all Sundays the very same programme with a different title, " Super Duper", the Jaya TV channel too joins in the bandwagon of the theme.

Nov 22, 2007


The popularity for the AVM's mega soap Vaira Nenjam has been increasing with a lot of feed back from various Kalaignar TV viewers. It has been said that the story-line of Sekizhar had been bringing an increased number of audiences to it.

Recently, the AVM Productions have come out with an announcement to select the best letters and give them prizes to all connected with its film Sivaji which was released a few months ago. One may surprised to see that if a person had written a letter in appreciation of the Vaira Nenjam he would receive a cap with Rajini's Sivaji style emblem on it. A person might receive an FM Radio or the cooling glasses that of Rajini used in the Sivaji film. Also a key chain with Rajini Sivaji photos or an audio cassette of the Sivaji film. Beside various prizes, the photos of the persons who had won would also be shown, before the Vaira Nenjam being telecast on all working days between 8.00 PM and 8.30 PM.


( by N.Thyagarajan )

It is expected that Urvasi award winner Archana will be honoured with one more award when Onbadhu Rupa Notu is released. Earlier Archana who had won thrice the Urvasi Award had acted with Sathyaraj in the Onbadhu Rupa Notu directed by Thangar Bachan. Earlier her Veedu had brought her good name in the industry.

It is after a long hiatus Archana is appearing in this film in a good role. Archana who is interested in the welfare of her family, laids out condition whenever any producer approaches her. She is willing to act in their films, provided they recognise her as a senior artiste with a lot of awards decorating her almirah in her house. If the status is refused or denied then her next action will be not to act in the film.

Since, Archana has been concentrating only on doing good roles, she forgot to marry. When asked about her idea of marrying at least in the near future, she comes out with firm answer, she had decided not to marry anyone. She also told many reporters, that she would not become a monk, because she had decided to lead her life without marriage. She said, had she decided earlier about the marriage, by this time she would have four children to her rescue, but being only interested in the family welfare, she decided to be spinster always.



Actress Tarikaa is of opinion that 'acting' in serials is just for living. If one wants to achieve something in acting career, it could be achieved through only by acting in films, for the films could be seen at any time at any day even after decades of its release. Whereas once the serial is over, there ends the life of the serials. "That's why I called acting in serials is just for living and also to improve one's efficiency in the career of acting. "I have seen a lot of people praising me after they watched my acting for serials, with that there ends the recognition of the actors. But in cinema it is not so" says Tarikaa.

Tarikaa started out her career in Bharathi Raja's Eera Nilam in a small role as a Village girl appeared in black colour with full make ups. Bharathi Raja's son Manoj who is her friend asked her to go and meet his father who is producing the film. The director refused to give her role, for she is very fair in colour and she could not be matched to act as in the village girl role. However, she begged that she was prepared to act in the role by giving black touch throughout her face. " In only one shot I have successfully completed the scene amidst claps from the film unit people including the ace-director" recalls Tarikaa.

"I always want to do different roles either for TV or for the big-screen. Going on doing something as heroine and falling in love with someone and getting married the same person is a boring subject always. I am acting in the Raj TV Channel's Meenakshi, I act in the main role Meenakshi who is getting married an old man. I face a lot of problems from public. I boldly save my old husband by fighting with the people. Delhi Kumar is doing the role of the old man who marries me in the serial. This character I like most" says Tarikaa.

Tarikaa has so far acted in thirty different serials, besides she does her dance in Jodi No. 1 for the Vijay TV Channel and also dance in Masthana Masthana for the Sun TV Channel. “Everyone hopes that I might win in the Masthana dance. I don't know what will happen and I am prepared to accept anything whatever comes in my way".

Recently, Tarikaa was given an opportunity to act in Manjal Veyil film as Kadhal Sandhya's sister. The film was directed by Raja, a one-time assistant of director Adhiyaman.

She recalls, that when she did K.Balachander's Veetukku Veedu serial, she was scolded by K.B. to do her comedy role perfectly. " I take the K.B's scoldings as the scoldings of a teacher to a student. After acting in the serial, I began to wonder that I could do comedy roles and I am waiting for another opportunity to do comedy roles" says Tarikaa.

In Appa, she does the negative role. She falls in love with and marries the boy who hails from middle in come family. The boy's disappointed father files a case against the girl, stating that she must compensate the family, since they had given him education with an idea that he would be helpful for the marriage of his daughters.

In Thavam, she acts as a nurse, the daughter of a cook Y.Gee.Mahendran. " I am shown as a good daughter with boldness to tackle the difficulat situations" Tarikaa.

Tarikaa who wants to do a negative role for a change approached the Lakshmi serial producer ( Sun Tv Channel)and is now acting in the role as Vijay Adhiraj's aunts daughter. Though Adhiraj marries someone, Tarikka never minds about the marriage, but welcomes and supports it.

Tarikaa, who is the daughter of Zallaluddin who retired as the Inspector of Central Reserve Police Force. Her mother is a native of Kerala and father a Tamil fell in love and got married.
" My mother Malayali and my father Kerala. But I am an Indian" says Tarikaa.

Since, her father's job was transferable job, Tarikaa had her schoolings from Central Schools of the various Hindi speaking area is through with various states languages.

"I am waiting for the day when I will be given a big role in films" says Tarikaa.



TV actors D.Gnanasundaram ( also known as Kitcha in TV circles ) and another actor Poovilangu Mohan have formed a Prime Force Academy, an educational and charitable trust, to uplift the downtrodden people caught in the web of sending their school going children for employment in various factories, and household works, and also to create an awareness among the public mass about the evils of the HIVs.

Speaking to the the founder -president and actor Kitcha elaborated that their main focus of the Academy was to educate the people through their short films produced by the academy. So far the academy had produced Agram, Dusk, Thorn, Unnatural destiny, Asthamanam and Vessel (all short films.)

The Vice President of the Academy Poovilangu Mohan who is also a TV & Film artiste said , that all the films were produced with the idea to prevent or eradicate the problems of Child Labour, Pollution Control, Female Infanticides, Schizophrenlia and for the physically challenged persons He said that there were enough laws to prevent employing child labour and female infanticides, but those laws had not yet reached the mass and for this the Academy would teach them by their short films with various themes.

He said, that their academy would welcome making such short theme based films from the students of the visual communication. The Academy also planned to give cash prizes to those who produce good short films with theme based.He said all the short films produced by the academy would soon screened through various TV Channels.

Mr Cecil Thomas is the Managing Trustee who is connected with the film industry for a long time and Film and TV Director J.Ramesh is the Creative Head of the Academy. Mohan said that the films produced by the academy would be screened for the people living in slums from Kanniyakumari to Chennai.

Nov 21, 2007


Malavika is acting in duel role in Kattuviriyan opposite ENT Specialist Dr.Ram. Kalaipuli Sekaran is producing this film. Earlier, he started out his career as the dialogue writer for Yaar and subsequently produced Pattikattu Thambi, Oorai Therinjukittan, Ulavaali, and Kaval Poonaigal. Siva Chakravarthi who is known for his outstanding for car sales is acting as villain. He is also president of the All India Car Merchants & Advisory Association. Kalaipuli Sekar wants to give some good film with a message, hence has decided to produce this film.



When people wanted to buy a lot of genuine things for their money earned through the sweat of their eye-brows, they could not be choosy in selecting good things. Knowing the fact, the Makkal TV has newly introduced a unique programme ‘Mugavari’ being aired on all working days commencing from 1.30 PM.
The channel takes all to various markets where various things are sold and also introduces new things to the public to make purchases. It makes let the buyer beware (Caveat emptor) always when they start to spend their moneys.
A brief description about those articles and its usefulness are demonstrated directly from the sales points of those things. Beside, the anchor gives full details about special services that are rendered in the market to the public.
Mugavari in English means Addresses. Makkal TV Channel’s Mugavari gives tips and introduces various entrepreneurs and other people engaged in various commercial activities.
The anchor of Mugavari, Divya talks about various tourism spots and takes all to witness those places in Tamil Nadu and India.


( by N.Thyagarajan )

Bharathi Raja, Mani Rathinam, Sathyaraj, Archana, Prabhudeva, Parthiban, Lingusamy and Sreeman decorated the stage of Onbathu Rupa Notu cassette release function held in Chennai recently.

Bharathi Raja while participating in the function said that he had understood the story-line of the film through three songs of the film. He congratulated Thangar Bachan who is the producer of the film for taking an all out effort in producing the real human life story and with which one can trace out the human live history. Sathyaraj who had acted in the film had lived in the character, Bharathi Raja said.

Speaking at the function, director Mani Rathinam said that there was a time that very few could be counted as the best directors and producers. Formerly, people interested to see films of director Sridhar, Balachander, Bharathi Raja and Balu Mahendra. Now with growth of technicians in the Tamil film industry with a lot of people having sound knowledge about stories, the Tamil film industry was ushering in a new era, Mani Rathinam said. And Thangar Bachan is in the forefront of the present day directors with his recognition for producing good films with morals and high standards.

Lyricist Vairamuthu, said that he felt happiness when he wrote Ayeram Thamarai Mottukale, Uiyerey and Oru vaarthikaga. Now with the song of the Onbadhu Rupa Notu he felt that he had added one more feather to his cap.

Archana who had done a master piece role in the film, said that her character could be done by any leading artistes like Revathy, Bhanu Priya and Radhika. But Sathyaraj’s character in this film as Madhava Padyachi belonged to the actor alone who alone could perform a role like that, Archana said.

Sathyaraj who did the role of Madhava Padyachi speaking the at the function said, that by acting in the film under the direction of Bharathi Raja had created some problems. Many questioned Sathyaraj about the other roles which he did in other films and sometimes became felt sad for having done such roles. To wipe out, the bad impression, he said he did Periyar role which had brought him back the name of Bharathi Raja film, about which he was satisfied. He also recalled, that when he was in Russia for the shootings of the Periyar, a Russian lady had asked him whether Sathyaraj was the person who did the Gandhi role. “The question of the Russian lady still ringing in my ears and is pleasing always whenever I recall” said Sathyaraj.



Vikatan Televistas new mega soap Thirumathi Selvam is being aired through the SUN TV Channel on all working days between 1.30 PM and 2.00 PM. Sethu film fame Abitha appears in a weighty role as the eldest daughter of the family. She undertakes all the responsibilities of the family when there are two younger sisters and one elder brother. Abitha as Archana in the serial without proper education does the job of house executive and all the other family members tease her, except her parents.

Her elder brother’s wife Jayanthi (actress Raghavi) puts several blames on Abitha since she did not like her. Abitha with the only aim of uplifting the family members patiently bears the brunt of others. When many grooms visit her house with a proposal to marry the beauty Abitha, the alliance breaks down on several occasions due to her unemployment.

The new serial has so far completed ten episodes is penned and directed by S.Kumaran.



Eminent Playback Singer Anitha Kuppusamy, wife of Playback Singer Pushpavanam Kuppusamy has taken over the anchoring job of the Kalaignar TV Channel’s weekly programme Suyamvaram from the erstwhile anchor Anuradha Sri Ram who is also another Tamil film playback singer.

Suyamvaram draws a large number of parents who are on the verge of giving marriages to their kids by sitting before their idiot boxes to find good alliances of their equal status.

The programme which is aired on all Sundays between 7.00 AM and 7.30 AM shows the boys and girls who are to be wed with their entire bio-data followed by their contact numbers to have in touch with them.

When contacted the former anchor Anuradha over phone, she said that she has to say nothing about the programme, since she participated for a few weeks, but said that the programme is organised by the Channel itself not with the motto of deriving profit out of it. “ I personally saw a lot of phone calls were pouring in from some parents”.

She added, she learnt that Mrs Kuppusamy who anchors as of now, had also been receiving feedbacks and the parents were beelining with their kids to participate in the programme.

The programme draws a lot of attention not because of its service minded approach, but because the anchor’s singing songs in the presence of each and every parents when interviewed by the anchor.

Besides, the service the channel runs a marriage portal,, detailing about the boys and girls who are to be married.

Watch the Kalaiganar TV Channel in the mornings of all Sundays.



Film comedian Y.Gee.Mahendran wants to produce a mega TV serial fully based on the life history of a rhythamist as Mridanga Vidwan. The actress has his own music troupe and the actor himself is a versatile rhythmist in tabala, bangoose and Mridangam. Y.Gee.M nowadays participate in various kutcheris playing mridangam for some leading carnatic musicians. He surprised many with his gamakka in playing mridangam and had won several audiences for his acumen in playing those instruments.

Sometime ago, film playback singer K.J.Yesudoss in his TV interview, had asked the comedian to play mridangam for his song. Till then, no one knows that the comedian had the talents in playing of mridangam too. He had also appeared as a carnatic music singer for the Jaya TV Channel's mega serial Sahana. He appeared in the JKB role.

Recently, when he was in a carnatic music cutcheri said to the TV Guide, that he wanted to produce a mega serial based on the life of a mridangam player. He said, he had been observing the on goings of the various things in the life of a rhythamist as pakka vadyam player. It had struck him the idea to go in for a serial for some leading channels. He said he was giving touch up here and there for the story line and once it was completed he would go ahead with the selection of artistes for the serial.