Jan 29, 2008



Some unidentified persons, allegedly Chiranjeevi fans, attacked the car of Dr Rajasekhar, when he was going somewhere along with his family. They reportedly attacked the car with stones and iron rods. Besides Dr Rajasekhar, his daughter Sivani suffered injuries. Jeevitha took them to Apollo Hospital.

After getting the treatment, the children were left at home while Jeevitha and Rajasekhar went to Punjagutta police station and lodged a complaint of attempt to murder. Later they proceeded to a television channel office, and alleged that the attacking someone personally is not good to anyone. The attack is raising doubts as Chiranjeevi did not condemn the attack even after four to five hours.

But why he was attacked. The reason behind the attack is — Dr Rajasekhar in an interview at Bhimavaram commented that Chiranjeevi has no experience in politics and even if he launches a party, he doesn't want to join the party. However, he said he would also enter into politics but at an appropriate time. These comments raised tempers among Chiranjeevi fans, which attacked Rajasekhar at Hyderabad. Elsewhere in the State, Chiranjeevi fans burnt the effigy of Rajasekhar and staged protests by raising anti-Rajasekhar slogans.

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