Mar 12, 2009

Madhavan: Hunk of the Month

We love him, don't we? That naughty smile and disarming boyish charm, just makes him ever so endearing and we just let ouselves fall in love with him again and again! He's one awesome actor too. In Alaipaiyuthe and then Minnale, he came across as the perfect lover-boy material. Yes so he gets furious with his wife in one and sort of lies to his girlfriend in the other, but we oggled at him anyways! In Yennavale we saw a different sort of Madhavan, a silent sort of guy, but with Dum Dum Dum, he was once again on top of his Prince Charming act! His comic side is quite entertaining, and in Naladhamayenthi he just stole the show, with his naive Indian cook portrayal that has us laughing all the way.
But it was Run and Thambi that caught our attention more, because we saw a completely different Maddy. The action hero Madhavan that we just could not relate to the Maddy we knew shocked us by being all macho and menacing. His best performance however is contained in three classic movies, Anbe Sivam, Kannathil Muthamittal and Evano Oruvan. Maddy is no regular mass man, he has a formidable fan following who love that impish grin and admire his passionate acting. In Anbe Sivam, Maddy played Ars so well, that we actually despise of him on account of his small mindedness. In Kannathil Muthamittal, he underplayed the role so well, not even one emotion was over the top. And in Evano Oruvan, we trully sympathise with his character, even though we do feel at times he could have saved himself the trouble is he was a little bit more pliable. And it's in these feelings that he evokes in his audience that his victory lies.
And Madhavan's fan following is not restricted to Tamil audiences alone. Actually he is a household name among Hindi audiences, thanks to TV shows like Sea Hawks and Ghar Jamai long before his cinema stint. In Hindi too he has a formidable place with movie like Rang De Basanti, Guru and Mumbai Meri Jaan.
Madhavan continues to captivate his audiences in Tamil and Hindi. His latest release Yavarum Nalam/13B has him dabbling with the thriller-horror genre, a complete departure from his usual style of films. Maddy will be soon seen in some very interesting films like Naan Aval Adhu and Guru En Aalu in Tamil and Teen Patti and Three Idiots in Hindi. His Hindi movies are with acting stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan respectively.

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