Apr 23, 2009



For the last one year, the mega-serial Megala has been running without the character Kalaiyarasu being done by Dheepan Chakravarthy. As per the story line, Kalaiyarasu, is the building contractor and head of the family is kidnapped by a gang. The story remains suspense over the whereabouts of the Kalaiarasu. His family consists of elder sister Vadivukarasi, wife Sankarabaranam fame Rajalakshmi, their three daughters - Gayathri, Sri Vidya, Revathy Priya and Bhavana Kalaiarasu are faced with a lot of problems when Kalaiarasu was dumped in a dark room. Meghala which has crossed nearly 500 episodes now, is again inttroducing Dheepan Chakravarthy as if he escapes from the imprisoned room of the goondas. But in reality, he seeks asylum in a car to escape after getting away from the room. But the very same goons take him to another place and when they tried, the car meets with an accident. In the end, Kaliarasan losts all his previous happenings and has become like a child getting admitted to a hospital.

Last week, when the hospital scene was shot at the ARS Gardens, the director of the serial Vikramadityan and his two of his associates Kannan and Dinesh wanted to give the real picture of the hospital and hence had chosen the ARS. In the hospital scene real tablets brought from a pharmacy and all of them were B complex with some syringes and injection tubes. Nearly 40 to 50 junior artistes were hired with bandages to give a good look of the hospital. They were supplied eatables like biscuit pockets, fruits like bananas and organge and bread too.

For each and every shot, both the associate directors of Vikramaditya were careful about the delivery of the dialogues in which an artist Sekar, who took recently VRS from a nationalised bank to deliver the dialogues.

In the scene, Kalaiarasan ( who is in a mental state of forgetfullness) begs two of the unknown visitors of the hospital to remind him who he was.

Meghala, according to many viewers, has a lot of female artistes than male artistes. It has Vadivukarasi, Sankarabaranam Rajalakshmi, Sri Vidya, Bhavana, Revathy Priya, Bhanumathy, 'Sethu' fame Bharathi, Sri Lekha, besides the leading artistes like Rajakanth, Raj Madan, Yugendran.

The serial was initially introduced to be telecast around 8 PM to 8.30 PM through the Sun TV Channel was changed to 6 PM to 6.30 PM.

Since, the election date is nearing the Cine Times are making out possible effort to produceas much episode as it could do for telecast in the Sun TV Channel.

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