May 1, 2009


The audio release of Cheran’s Pokkisham was held on Sunday, the 19th April at Kalaignar television studio in Chennai. The event was telecast live on TV and was attended by many of the industry’s top directors who expressed their faith in Cheran’s ability to mesmerize the audience with his creations. The CD of Pokkisham was formally released and two songs were screened for those present.
Cheran spoke and said that the film is all about love. The story is set in the 70s and the love will have all the charm of that era; when love happened slowly but steadily where a strong emotional chord was formed between the two lovers even before they confessed their love to each other. The film will take us through the myriad emotions that two such lovers go through. Cheran plays the role of a marine engineer (Lenin) based in Calcutta and Padmapriya plays a Tamil literature student (Nithira) from Tamil Nadu. Their love takes form even as they are separated by distances and that is said to be the beauty of the movie. “Everything that is said and done in the movie will leave an impression in the heart of anyone who has ever fallen in love” said Cheran and we believe him. As said above, the movie is set in the 1970s and that in itself necessitates elaborate sets to replicate the era. However, the budget did not allow for such liberties and Cheran had to scout many places before deciding upon a small area in Calcutta where the architecture was a throwback to the past. Small modifications to the hoarding and advertisements and the paints on buildings recreated the 1970s and brought it alive, as was seen in the songs screened. Cameraman Rajesh Yadav and art director Vairabalan should be lauded for their role in realizing Cheran’s vision. One thing that really surprised is Padmapriya’s role as a Muslim girl; she seems to have lived the character. She said at the function that this was one of the most challenging roles in her career. She has done a marvelous job. Perhaps, her previous experience of playing a Muslim character (in the Malayalam film Amritham) helped her a bit.The two songs that were screened ‘Nila Nee Vanam’ sung by Vijay Yesudas and Chinmayee and ‘Varum Vazhi Engume’ by Renjini, were soulful and lovable compositions. The picturization too is brilliant, not the regular song and dance type, but one where the characters embed themselves in our minds. The songs appear to be written and composed strictly with the script in mind and Sabesh-Murali have done a great job of meeting the requirements. This is the composer duo’s 25th film. Their score is soothing, melodic and all those good things that are so rare in our lives.The first impression given by the audio launch is that Pokkisham will be a film that will stand true to its title and be treasured by Tamil cinema lovers.

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