Jun 29, 2009


Soon Rajshri Media will be launching Rajshritamil.com in four 4 regional content video websites like Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, and Marathi. This they had analysed before they foray into regional/vernacular video content. They have also launched a youtube channel each for these regional sites.

On the youtube front Rajshri became the number one most viewed YouTube channel in India with more than 100 million viewers. Rajshri Media part of 60 year old Rajshri group which is one of the oldest and largest entertainment group has leveraged its offline content repository and even made tie ups to scale its online presence.

Rajshri Media has a huge collection of movies,archived TV content,original content on its website Rajshri.com. It also hosts content of various other languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi which makes it N0 1 media channel with a huge audience base.

What makes them hit in India is their content repository which includes all time hit epics like Ramayan, Shaktimaan, Mahabharat etc which make them unique and front-runner in providing the content which may have lost with time...

.Rajshri has been able to draw lot of eyeballs for the Web Video content but we feel what is even more promising is the upcoming domains i.e mobile which will gain more traction with the introduction services like 3G etc. We had reported that rajshri is soon to launch Rajshrimobile.com which would be a mobile vas download site. Rajshri can very well encash its early mover advantage in the web video domain and use the same for mobile video once the technology (3G) is in place. As it has all the content and has the capability technologically as well (given their tryst with mobisodes)

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