Jul 28, 2009



Even after acting in more than 400 films, Vadivelu feels that he isn’t getting the kind of respect he deserves.
Recently, while speaking to media he stated that he wouldn’t be doing any lead roles in the future, “I have decided not to act in hero roles because I am being blamed if the film fails.”
He added, “so far I have acted in 490 films. My 490th film is Adhavan. Since I am bulky I am not able to dance. So I have reduced my weight by 5 kgs by doing rigorous exercises and diet. I have decided not to do hero roles in future. If a film flops, they are blaming me. If I say there can be little more salt in the food, they say that I am interfering in the production.”
“During the dubbing if I say that the lines can be changed they immediately comment that I am interfering with the editing,” rues Vadivelu.
He further adds, “If I say that the shirt button is not proper they quip that I am interfering with the costumes. The hero has no right over anything. If at all I act as a hero bearing all these inflictions, the producer with come with his family and axe the scenes. If I act as a hero all the responsibilities fall on my head. So I am fed up with doing hero roles. Instead of acting as hero in one film I can act in 10 films in comedy roles.” - SAMPURN

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