Dec 2, 2009



The most sought after tamil tv mega soap KOLANGAL is nearing its end a couple of days, according to sources.It is the story of a family comprising the children of two wives and the rivil over becoming a great millionaire by taking various house construction project.Director Thiruchelvam has intricately made each and every episode with a suspenseful ending everyday.The serial has won high TRP rates in the market as per the story line Thiruchelvam takes leave from his friend Abi (Devayani) all the 9 characters in this serial are properly justified with their respective rolls.

The serial has won accolades from all quarters for its exposure throughout its 6 years term. One has to reap the good and the bad as per one's individual actions.The theory is well explained in KOLANGAL, there may be some set backs in the play for drawing the audiences for a long time with minor incidences which could be strait with anyone having commonsense.This was not done because for dragging the serial for such a longer period than any other serials so for they did.

Kolangal in short sets standard to other producers with its portrayal of its story with proper dialogues and scene sequences

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