Jun 3, 2010



In addition to the glamorous roles to various young actors and actresses of the Tamil films, actress Nadhiya, now has been assigned to host the Jaya TV Channel's Jackpot programme. The new programme, after Kushboo had left has been named Jackpot II. Actress Kushboo who after enrolling herself as the member of the DMK party, has decided to quit the hosting of the Jackpot. She has quit because she was hosting the programme in the Jaya TV Channel, backed by the AIADMK party which is the only rival party of the ruling DMK party. The actress does not like to continue her hosting of the programme in the channel, has finally came out and the Jaya TV Channel was looking for equal status actress to host the programme.

Though the Jaya TV Channel was megnanimous to the actress Kushboo in continuing the programme, the actress who immediately after joining the DMK party gave her first public address when the TN CM celebrated his 87th birthday. Though Kushboo has been a great admirer of the erstwhile Chief Minister and the AIADMK General Secretary Jayalalithaa felt, that it was not good to continue with the Jaya TV Channel's Jackpot.

Nadhiya, the actress who is equally good and charming is the mother of two children got married and settled in abroad used to frequent India some years ago. Now the actress has settled down with her family in Mumbai. The actress who frequently visits Chennai to act in films and tv serials appearing in good roles. " The actress was in full happy mood on announcing that she was selected to host the Jackpot 2 and said she would do her role as host well.
Let us watch how this young Nadhiya performs in the Jackpot II.

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