Jul 28, 2010


By N.Thyagarajan

Makkal TV channel’s new invention Pennae has caught the eyes of audiences for its focus on women-achievers in various fields. Further, the episode goes deep into the lives of these achievers who keep some important toys presented to them by eminent men. This week Psychiatrist Dr Shalini who has achieved a lot in her field to solve difficult cases for mental ailments. She describes how she felt the difficulty in finding out the the real difficulties of her patients and how she solved. The episode, it is expected would woo a lot of by viewers.

Dance master and actor Gayathri Raghuram also participates in one of the episodes. She keeps a lot of toys in her treasure since the day of her younger days. Late actor Jaishankar presented her a toy when he visited her house. She has a history to brief about her each toy.She also talks about her child days and how she came into the film-world as a dance-master.

The programme will be aired on all Saturdays at 3.30 PM in Makkal tv Channel

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