Jul 12, 2011

2-G Spectrum scam to become a film's story


The exact outcome of the 2-G Spectrum scam which created reverberations in many political circles and saw several upheavals in some of the political parties winning and forming government during the last assembly election, has been made plot of a film. The Pooja for the new film was held on July 11 with the title of the film as 2-G Spectrum.

It is known that the 2G Spectrum scam which saw the fall of the DMK government in Tamil Nadu and also resulted in the former chief minister's daughter Kanimozhi and former Union Telecom Minister A.Raja who were arrested and sent to Tihar Jail for making inquiries, is being made a story of the film.The 2-G Spectrum , what the other opposition parties would call it a scam, the Special court will go ahead with the inquiries in which many persons are arrested. It is said to deliver the judgment it may take several years. But our Tamil film industry will not wait for this because it has been facing severe scarcity for good stories.

2-G Spectrum story is directed by John Manohar a journalist .Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, who plays mother's role in many Tamil films donning the role of Kanimozhi.

Riaz Khan will play the role of Raja. Shanthini of Nadodigal fame will do the role of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia. Comedian Singamuthu will play union minister M.K Alagiri. Sathyaraj playing the role of election commissioner.

2G Spectrum will also be the first Tamil film that will be using an English title for a Tamil film. The director says the film will get success in tamil film indusrtry.

Besides, the real story the film will have masalas with dances and songs to attract the public.

Will this film be allowed for release, if the production is over, is a million dollar question, that faces many in film circles. Let us wait and watch the game.

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