Feb 1, 2013


People who are interested to keep animals as their pets are confused over bringing them up. Sometimes, what is food for us may turn poison for those pets and finally they land up in utter dilemma. Keeping this in mind, the Makkal TV Channel has come up with a programme called Chella Pranigal which tells the animal-lovers the way of keeping animals with narrations. The animals food habits and the required medical treatment that animals have to undergo periodically, are also beautifully explained in the programme.

Makkal TV Channels telecasts the weekly programme on Saturdays at 6.30 PM will be useful and many who had seen it are benefited, according to news pouring in to our blog.

The programme discusses not only about dogs, cats and parrots but also various other animals like white-rats, rabbits.

In today's programme, the episode will detail about the Labrador dogs which is becoming popular among the many people in the state.
Don't miss the programme.

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