Mar 25, 2013

Don't know about my future: Nayantara


After breaking away her love with Prabu Deva, Nayantara, of late, seems to be dull and begins to talk philosophy of life. When a reporter asked her about her future plans for marriage, the charming actress has said " I don't know about my future".

What the God has willed must come about is the theory of this young charming actress. Nayantara is now acting with Ajith and Aarya, but closely moves with Aarya, say many from the cine-circle. But when asked about this to Aarya he vehemently refused saying " We are true friends".

If Nayantara suddenly thinks of marrying someone, then who will be the lucky person ? is a million dollar question that makes many to think to come with a concrete answer.

One can't live for a long with always thinking of the past, surely, for everything there is a time, and it is the time alone will bring good results.


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