Apr 15, 2013

Ajith against spending money for his cutouts

 By N.Thyagarajan

Thala Ajith has recently disbanded several of his fans' clubs, because he came to know that many political parties had started occupying those clubs. According to Thala, the fans clubs of several actors turned out to be publicity mongers whenever their birthdays and new films are released. " I am always frank, my fans need not spend money on cutouts. Instead they could help out several poor people who are living below the poverty line. They could be helped by creating various opportunities to continue their education and live happily", says Ajith.

In the film industry, Ajith has the habit of calling a spade always spade and he did not like to quote his hair with black dyes. No actor in the film industry has said this. When he could not attend a political party meeting, he was outspoken on that day, that he did not like to appear on political parties' political meeting.

For Ajith, politics is different from that of film industry. Ajith wants to live as an actor who had stolen the hearts of many for his outstanding acting  career as well for his transparency of his personal life. The actor is not attached with any stigma for he takes his life as it is.

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