Sep 2, 2017

Hugger of Big Boss House: Snehan

Bigg Boss Program in Vijay Tv is a great success. Snehan , who is one among the participants in this program seem to be as called as Doctor by his fellow participants as
he hugs them  with love and affection for their physical and mental wellness.

More than that, he could not tolerate seeing the women participants shedding tears. The reason for hugging others is because he feels it is his moral responsibility to give love and affection as they all too come to Big Boss house with the hope of getting the love and care from him.

For Snehan, hugging is equivalent to shaking hands. Snehan says that Namitha too was a recipient of his brotherly love and affection though she was reluctant to share her thoughts with him initially.

Even Actor Kamalahasan had shared his comic views regarding this Medicinal Hug by Snehan.

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