Jan 19, 2013

Chellamae ends on a sad-note

Radaan's mega serial Chellaemae which had crossed more than 1200 episodes ended on a sad-note by giving the character Chellammal additional burden of looking after the newly-born-female-baby and her husband's second wife.

Chellammal's husband kills Sneha for saving his child to prove that he wants to do some justification for his character.

The Chellamae did not talk about what has happened to the characters AK, Vadamalai brothers and sisters, Chellamma's father Avudaiyar ( Ravi Kumar), Thavasi ( Delhi Ganesh ).

Most of the viewers expected that the Radaan could do something for the characters, if not for the story, at least for its millions of viewers who would even give up their personal engagements and watched the serial sincerely on all five days.

Though it is presumed that one day Vadamalai will come out of jail and take care of his wife and the newly born female baby, the other characters are not justified with the link of the story.

But in toto, the serial tells the viewers how a woman should use their act of bravery, whenever they face any difficult situation. But Chellammal as per the story-line had faced series of difficulties and had any woman faced problems like the character Chellammal, one would sure of committing suicide and would have changed a mad.

Description of Chellammal character in treating each problem was something unique in its nature and this is the only way to solve any problems that one may face in his/her life. But could this be practical ?

Good story, good treatment of characters, but the end one could not say ' adieu to the serial'.

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