Jan 8, 2013

Chellamae now in climax scenes

Radaan TV's Chellamae which has been telecast through the Sun TV channel for more than four years, is now reaching its climax scenes. According to sources, the serial will come to end by the second or third-week of January this year.

In the serial, Ms Radhika Sarath Kumar as Chellamma has been facing severe problems from her own relatives and friends. Chellamma as a bravery woman takes cudgels against all those who had acted against her. She was under the belief that one of her daughters (twins) born to her died in the hospital at the time of delivery. Later, she comes to know that the child was kidnapped by some thugs for want of money and finally it reaches her elder brother's wife who becomes a wealthy widow.

Chellamma comes to know about this and when she starts searching for one of her twins, she found it was kidnapped by her own family friend's daughter.

Chellamma also faces problems when her husband marries second time after ditching her in Palani and runs with  a daughter and marries another woman in Kerala.
What if a woman would feel in her life, if she goes on meeting problems by problems ? Suicide? No?

Chellamma using her extraordinary brain power with which she solves all her problems and saves her own family.

As of now, Chellamma has been in search of her child, taken away by Sneha. If she finds her child and makes a proper justification to other characters in line with the story-line, Chellamae will be over.

The story and the script of the serial is properly woven, and was shot always with various close-ups without giving an iota of boredom to the viewers.


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