Oct 26, 2007


It has become fashion and attraction that many of the Tamil TV channels have started to appoint film artistes as judges in their competition slots. These slots when it was sans these film artistes as judges were not interestingly seen by many viewers. The fate of these small-screen artistes who rehearse days and nights in dance or in mono-acting becoming 'number one winner' is purely based on the judgment skill used by the big screen artistes who act as Judges for these shows.
Film comedienne Kovai Sarala and Chinni Jayanth have been appointed for the Kalaignar TV Channel's comedy programme Ellamey Siripputhaan. Participants in the show are from various parts of the Tamil Nadu, especially from Madurai and Coimbatore who excel in their acting by mimicking the voices and actions of the various leading film artistes. The scripts (skid) for the show are prepared by the participants themselves. The fate of winning in the competition is purely based on the judgment skill used by these veteran film comedians. Mastana Mastana is yet another competition show of the SUN TV Channel for the small-screen artistes who wish to show their skill in dance. Actress Meena and dancer master and actor Tarun are the judges of this show.
Similarly, actress Namitha was chosen as the Judge for the Maanada Mayil Ada dance-show being telecast on Kalaignar TV. Basically, Namitha who is a Bharatha Natyam dancer with several stage performances to her credit, selects the best performer with dance masters Kala and her sister Brinda to her side.Previously Simran was the Judge of the show and now Namitha has taken over.
Actor Prashanth, Sathya Raj, T.Rajendar, Karan, Vadivelu, Praveen Gandhi were the chief guests and judges for the Sun TV's comedy show Asatha Povadhu Yaaru. All these artistes were invited for each show who selected the best comedian of the each show.

Comedian S.Ve.Shekar and actress and dancer Uma Riyaz are the judges of the Star Vijay's comedy show Kalakka Povadhu Yaru. Actor Thyagu who participated in the last week show was entrusted the task of selecting the good performer. It is said, the comedy show will have more and more cine artistes to act as chief guests and Judges for the show.
Actress Sangeetha, Simbhu and dance master Sundaram have been appointed judges of the Star Vijay TV Channel's Jodi No. 1 Season Two dance show. Other than the two judges, there were special appearances of film artistes like Sham, Madhumitha, Priyamani and Jeeva.
If a person does not win in a particular comedy show, he could be seen in other channel's comedy show, because the budding artistes knew about the judging skill of their judges. There were many artistes who were not selected as the best performer in a particular channel had received their awards from other channel competitions.

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