Oct 26, 2007



Ace comedians of the Tamil film industry Y.G.Mahendran, R.Manorama, Crazy Kumar, Kovai Anuradha, Typist Gopu, Venniraadai Murthy, Kathady Ramamurthy, Sachu, M.S.Bhaskar and C.I.D.Sakunthala all joining together in a weekly comedy serial Sakala Kala Bhavan for the Kalaignar TV to be launched on September. The comedy is to be aired on all Thursdays starting from September 20th.

Sakala Kala Bhavan is a boarding and lodging hotel managed by Meenakshi. Her husband Sankaran creates flutter followed by his brother-in-law Armstrong who is a software engineer. Shailu, the daughter of the Bhavan's couple chases the software engineer to love him. Besides, the characters Palaghat Chellappa who is a cook of the Bhavan and Naidupettai Narasamma also join in the bandwagon of the comedians.The people who come and stay in this Bhavan mess are put into various troubles to extend the mega comedy serial to come out with bellyfull laughter.

Screenplay and direction of the serial are done by Y.G.Mahendra and the dialogues are written by Kovai Anuradha and the cinematography is done by Naga Saravanan. Balaji scores the music of the serial with a comedy title song.

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