Oct 27, 2007


( by N.Thyagarajan )

One should learn the discipline always from this actress Asin who hails from Kerala, is the daughter of commodore. She stays in Chennai whenever she has to come here for acting for films. Many in film industry who have moved with her and her father used to say about her punctuality and submissiveness. Recently, she was in Chennai at her palatial flat in Chetpet. In her interview, she answers to all her questions and nothing prevents her while answering to questions. Truth is the essence of anyone, will make answer spontaneously. Here are some of the questions and answers to this blog.

Question: You can't be seen quite a long time in Chennai ! Have you settled down in Mumbai?

Answer: I am frequenting Mumbai because I act in the Hindi remake of Kajini film. It doesn't mean that I have settled down totally in Mumbai. Wherever I go for acting, my heart revolves around to act in Tamil films. I love to act in Tamil films really. I have plans to do at least two Tamil films in a year.

Question: Why you refused to act in Dilli 6?

Answer: I have not refused to act in the film. There was a clash for my call sheets dates with the film's hero dates.At the same time I have given my consent to act for Kajini film.

Question: Could you detail about your role in Vel?

Answer : I act in the film as Swathi. The film is purely commercial and is directed by Hari. Because, it is commercial film, the days passed off easily. I dance in the film after a long gap. First I danced for the M.Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi.Then I danced in Pokkiri. Now after a long gap I dance for a song under the dance master Dinesh. One more song of the film yet to be shot and it is going to be in Switzerland.

Question: Could you tell me the incidents of snakes and foxes in your shooting spots?

Answer : If I think about those incidents they still shock me. The entire film unit were trembling on seeing a lot of snakes in Ambasamudram shooting. However, the shooting was over without any disturbances. Similarly, when we all went to Namibia, we were shocked to see group of foxes, full of with the tendency of eating human beings. Literally I saw a man was bitten by a fox who died immediately. The fox was enjoying the flesh of that man. Similarly, we were shocked to see a lot vulturous birds, called in Tamil Neruppu Kozhi. Those birds were very tall and at any movement they have the capacity to kill anyone. There also our film unit escaped without any incident.

Question: I think tension is your close associate, wherever you go?

Answer: There are movements of joy also in the shooting spots. Recently I went for a shooting in Karaikudi. I was moved by those beautiful houses looked like beautiful ships. I was given a house, where the foreign tourists used to stay. Really I enjoyed to live in the house for a few days. There I acquainted with a lot of Aachis..

Question: I hear that you want to be always aloof and doesn't like make friendship with anyone?

Answer : Everyone is dear to me. I make friends and move with them. But, I will not involve my friendship deeply. That is my nature. Even when I was studying I used to move with friends, but never moved with them intimately.

Question: Please tell about your role in Dasavatharam. We hear that you are doing duel role?

Answer : I don't want to talk about the film's story or about my role. I should not talk also. The film is going to be evergreen in my mind throughout my life. I have given my own voice for my character. I am eagerly waiting to see the entire film.

Question: Do you have anymore scenes to do in Dasavatharam?

Answer : I will have to act for the climax song's scene. It is after Vel's song shooting in Switzerland I will have to switch over to Mumbai to complete Hindi Kajini. In Kajini only opening song sequence has to be shot. The rest with the film's hero Aamir Khan who appears in the get up of completely shaven head. This film is likely to be released in the April next year.

Question: You seem to be young always... What is the secret behind?

Answer : There is no secret at all. Timely eating and doing physical exercises alone keeps everyone fit to do anything and make feel always young. I am doing all sorts of exercises, the instruments to do those exercises I keep at home in Chennai and Cochin. For anyone, keeping up the body intact is most important.

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