Oct 26, 2007



Jakaarb Telefilms Productions' Jaiyam a daily soap is on telecast on Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 PM and 9.30 PM. The soap which has become popular by virtue of his storyline and using richly costumes with good actors and actresses like Sudha Chandran, Nalini, Vetri, Sanjay, Major Gautam and many other leading artistes of films.The soap has crossed more than 250 episodes has been considered with high TRP. The shootings of the serial are carried out Chennai's important locales.

The story of the Jaiyam as given by the JT Productions.

Jaiyam is a story about 4 women and their families who come from different backgrounds of society fighting their everyday lives to live in comfort, peace and happiness. Each individual character expresses the emotions of different women in our everyday life. It is true when big scholars had said that a women's heart is deeper than the ocean with secrets. She not only has secrets but also deeper emotions, thoughts, love and more than anything - motherliness.

Ranganayagi's office worker, Chakravarthy tries to sabotage and steal their property and hence becomes her only rival after she slippers him in front of everybody in the court corridor. Chakravarthy decides and makes a vow to bring her and her family to the roads.

He makes his first move by separating the once inseparable brother and sister (Sudharshan and Ranganayagi) and brain washes him thoroughly against his sister. Sudharshan along with Chakravarthy fights against his sister in the bargain Ranganayagi, Vardachari her husband, Shrivatsan and Padma are thrown out of their own house and they find shelter in a small house. Chakravarthy does not only stop with that, he continues whipping Ranganayagi's family with traumas. What is Ranganayagi going to do? How is Padma going to bring her family back to normal life all over again?
Meanwhile Kausalya who is married to Suresh but has just delivered Sanjay's child who was her ex fiancé who was assumed dead is back. What is Kausalya going to do? Is she going to choose her mangalsutra or her child? What does Suresh do?

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