Oct 26, 2007



Many dream of becoming good actress by acting in films. If they fail to achieve in their desired goals, then their immediate attention would be acting for small screens' serials. But this budding artiste, Sri Kala who had been a one-time-child artiste through Kamala Hassan's Devar Magan as Nazar's daughter, as Simran's friend in Thulladha Manamum Thullam and in Thulli Thirindha Kalam as Arun Vijay Kumar's sister had brought some recognition and instilled faith in her that she could do good roles.

After that she received a lot of offers to act in films, but those offers did not give her mental satisfaction. In an interview on the Porandha Veeda Pugandha Veeda sets, Sri Kala opens up her silence, perhaps this is the first occasion she speaks about her experiences.

"What I had seen in my film acting career so far was a lot of disppointments followed by vexations to act in films. I don't want to mention name of those films, in which I was promised with five or six scenes. But to my suprise, I saw either the censor board or those films' editors have used scissors, particularly in my scenes", says Sri Kala.

"It is only after I entered the small-screen acting, people slowly began to recognise me and my acting. I was offered a chance to act in Anubavangal, a weekly serial of the Sun TV directed by actor K.Bhagyaraj. I did a role in it. My scenes escaped from the scissors of the producer" says Sri Kala.

When it was very difficult to get act in tele mega soaps, Sri Kala was offered to do a lengthy role in AVM's Sondham, under Venkat's direction. " The serial was a turning point in my career. I appeared atleast in 50 episodes with the leading actress Bhanu Priya. Then many producers began to recognise me and I was choosy aftermath in selecting my characters. I started to act in other serials like Vazhkkai, Pallangkuzhi, and Sathya in good serials"

When asked to tell about her small roles in mega soaps," Yes I did small roles in the beginning when I started to act for tv serials. But on seeing my sincerity and inerest in acting and many directors extended my roles to another 20 episodes. At any time I never underestimated acting for small-screen. It is a blessing in disguise, that I have chosen my career to act in soaps. Of course payment wise the salary will be less, but I visit the house of more than three crores people living in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the world everyday through my acting in various serials" says Sri Kala.

Sri Kala says, " there is one more good thing in acting for the mega soaps.The actors and other technicians or whoever work for these serials move as if one-family-member. Hence, there is no place for risk or fear for the parents of the female artistes acting in serials".

When asked about her role with Bhanu Priya's younger sister in Porandha Veeda Pugandha Veeda, she said "Bhanu Priya Madam is really a loveable person. I respect her always for her experience. I have not seen such a nice artiste like her. She sometimes would come to me and coach me to do my roles with particular action. If I follow the advice, then I will be surprised to see me in a good position in the soap. Many praised me on seeing this new mega-serial. If the credit goes, it must go to the director V.Sekar and then to Bhanu Priya".

Now Sri Kala is acting for Thavam produced by Shivaji Productions. " I am doing a negative character. I take revenge against my uncle's son and his wife to separate them. My uncle's son promised me that he would marry me. But he didn't, hence the revenge" shortly quips Sri Kala about her character.

Beside mega serials, Sri Kala is appearing in a weekly comedy show Kalakarey Chandru produced by GV Films for Kalaignar TV channel.

When asked about her role as comedienne she said an artiste should do comedy roles too. "In comedy scenes you should bring laughter with your talent and it should not be a mockery of the people over the way you are doing the comedy. Similarly, one should follow the stirct roles in doing emotional scenes. If any one is capable of doing comedy as well serious roles, then they are the best artistes" says Sri Kala.

Reaffirming that her only aim is to act in small screen soaps, and that she could able to breathe freely and could give dates for other serials' callsheets after completing her role in 30 episodes for Gemini TV's Mega Sandhesam of the Radaan Tv, says " I want to act in other lanuguage serials to become a great person. I want to act and act and nothing else I want, other than acting for small-screen".

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