Nov 22, 2007



Actress Tarikaa is of opinion that 'acting' in serials is just for living. If one wants to achieve something in acting career, it could be achieved through only by acting in films, for the films could be seen at any time at any day even after decades of its release. Whereas once the serial is over, there ends the life of the serials. "That's why I called acting in serials is just for living and also to improve one's efficiency in the career of acting. "I have seen a lot of people praising me after they watched my acting for serials, with that there ends the recognition of the actors. But in cinema it is not so" says Tarikaa.

Tarikaa started out her career in Bharathi Raja's Eera Nilam in a small role as a Village girl appeared in black colour with full make ups. Bharathi Raja's son Manoj who is her friend asked her to go and meet his father who is producing the film. The director refused to give her role, for she is very fair in colour and she could not be matched to act as in the village girl role. However, she begged that she was prepared to act in the role by giving black touch throughout her face. " In only one shot I have successfully completed the scene amidst claps from the film unit people including the ace-director" recalls Tarikaa.

"I always want to do different roles either for TV or for the big-screen. Going on doing something as heroine and falling in love with someone and getting married the same person is a boring subject always. I am acting in the Raj TV Channel's Meenakshi, I act in the main role Meenakshi who is getting married an old man. I face a lot of problems from public. I boldly save my old husband by fighting with the people. Delhi Kumar is doing the role of the old man who marries me in the serial. This character I like most" says Tarikaa.

Tarikaa has so far acted in thirty different serials, besides she does her dance in Jodi No. 1 for the Vijay TV Channel and also dance in Masthana Masthana for the Sun TV Channel. “Everyone hopes that I might win in the Masthana dance. I don't know what will happen and I am prepared to accept anything whatever comes in my way".

Recently, Tarikaa was given an opportunity to act in Manjal Veyil film as Kadhal Sandhya's sister. The film was directed by Raja, a one-time assistant of director Adhiyaman.

She recalls, that when she did K.Balachander's Veetukku Veedu serial, she was scolded by K.B. to do her comedy role perfectly. " I take the K.B's scoldings as the scoldings of a teacher to a student. After acting in the serial, I began to wonder that I could do comedy roles and I am waiting for another opportunity to do comedy roles" says Tarikaa.

In Appa, she does the negative role. She falls in love with and marries the boy who hails from middle in come family. The boy's disappointed father files a case against the girl, stating that she must compensate the family, since they had given him education with an idea that he would be helpful for the marriage of his daughters.

In Thavam, she acts as a nurse, the daughter of a cook Y.Gee.Mahendran. " I am shown as a good daughter with boldness to tackle the difficulat situations" Tarikaa.

Tarikaa who wants to do a negative role for a change approached the Lakshmi serial producer ( Sun Tv Channel)and is now acting in the role as Vijay Adhiraj's aunts daughter. Though Adhiraj marries someone, Tarikka never minds about the marriage, but welcomes and supports it.

Tarikaa, who is the daughter of Zallaluddin who retired as the Inspector of Central Reserve Police Force. Her mother is a native of Kerala and father a Tamil fell in love and got married.
" My mother Malayali and my father Kerala. But I am an Indian" says Tarikaa.

Since, her father's job was transferable job, Tarikaa had her schoolings from Central Schools of the various Hindi speaking area is through with various states languages.

"I am waiting for the day when I will be given a big role in films" says Tarikaa.

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