Nov 22, 2007



TV actors D.Gnanasundaram ( also known as Kitcha in TV circles ) and another actor Poovilangu Mohan have formed a Prime Force Academy, an educational and charitable trust, to uplift the downtrodden people caught in the web of sending their school going children for employment in various factories, and household works, and also to create an awareness among the public mass about the evils of the HIVs.

Speaking to the the founder -president and actor Kitcha elaborated that their main focus of the Academy was to educate the people through their short films produced by the academy. So far the academy had produced Agram, Dusk, Thorn, Unnatural destiny, Asthamanam and Vessel (all short films.)

The Vice President of the Academy Poovilangu Mohan who is also a TV & Film artiste said , that all the films were produced with the idea to prevent or eradicate the problems of Child Labour, Pollution Control, Female Infanticides, Schizophrenlia and for the physically challenged persons He said that there were enough laws to prevent employing child labour and female infanticides, but those laws had not yet reached the mass and for this the Academy would teach them by their short films with various themes.

He said, that their academy would welcome making such short theme based films from the students of the visual communication. The Academy also planned to give cash prizes to those who produce good short films with theme based.He said all the short films produced by the academy would soon screened through various TV Channels.

Mr Cecil Thomas is the Managing Trustee who is connected with the film industry for a long time and Film and TV Director J.Ramesh is the Creative Head of the Academy. Mohan said that the films produced by the academy would be screened for the people living in slums from Kanniyakumari to Chennai.

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