Nov 21, 2007



Film comedian Y.Gee.Mahendran wants to produce a mega TV serial fully based on the life history of a rhythamist as Mridanga Vidwan. The actress has his own music troupe and the actor himself is a versatile rhythmist in tabala, bangoose and Mridangam. Y.Gee.M nowadays participate in various kutcheris playing mridangam for some leading carnatic musicians. He surprised many with his gamakka in playing mridangam and had won several audiences for his acumen in playing those instruments.

Sometime ago, film playback singer K.J.Yesudoss in his TV interview, had asked the comedian to play mridangam for his song. Till then, no one knows that the comedian had the talents in playing of mridangam too. He had also appeared as a carnatic music singer for the Jaya TV Channel's mega serial Sahana. He appeared in the JKB role.

Recently, when he was in a carnatic music cutcheri said to the TV Guide, that he wanted to produce a mega serial based on the life of a mridangam player. He said, he had been observing the on goings of the various things in the life of a rhythamist as pakka vadyam player. It had struck him the idea to go in for a serial for some leading channels. He said he was giving touch up here and there for the story line and once it was completed he would go ahead with the selection of artistes for the serial.

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