Nov 21, 2007



When people wanted to buy a lot of genuine things for their money earned through the sweat of their eye-brows, they could not be choosy in selecting good things. Knowing the fact, the Makkal TV has newly introduced a unique programme ‘Mugavari’ being aired on all working days commencing from 1.30 PM.
The channel takes all to various markets where various things are sold and also introduces new things to the public to make purchases. It makes let the buyer beware (Caveat emptor) always when they start to spend their moneys.
A brief description about those articles and its usefulness are demonstrated directly from the sales points of those things. Beside, the anchor gives full details about special services that are rendered in the market to the public.
Mugavari in English means Addresses. Makkal TV Channel’s Mugavari gives tips and introduces various entrepreneurs and other people engaged in various commercial activities.
The anchor of Mugavari, Divya talks about various tourism spots and takes all to witness those places in Tamil Nadu and India.

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