Nov 21, 2007


( by N.Thyagarajan )

Bharathi Raja, Mani Rathinam, Sathyaraj, Archana, Prabhudeva, Parthiban, Lingusamy and Sreeman decorated the stage of Onbathu Rupa Notu cassette release function held in Chennai recently.

Bharathi Raja while participating in the function said that he had understood the story-line of the film through three songs of the film. He congratulated Thangar Bachan who is the producer of the film for taking an all out effort in producing the real human life story and with which one can trace out the human live history. Sathyaraj who had acted in the film had lived in the character, Bharathi Raja said.

Speaking at the function, director Mani Rathinam said that there was a time that very few could be counted as the best directors and producers. Formerly, people interested to see films of director Sridhar, Balachander, Bharathi Raja and Balu Mahendra. Now with growth of technicians in the Tamil film industry with a lot of people having sound knowledge about stories, the Tamil film industry was ushering in a new era, Mani Rathinam said. And Thangar Bachan is in the forefront of the present day directors with his recognition for producing good films with morals and high standards.

Lyricist Vairamuthu, said that he felt happiness when he wrote Ayeram Thamarai Mottukale, Uiyerey and Oru vaarthikaga. Now with the song of the Onbadhu Rupa Notu he felt that he had added one more feather to his cap.

Archana who had done a master piece role in the film, said that her character could be done by any leading artistes like Revathy, Bhanu Priya and Radhika. But Sathyaraj’s character in this film as Madhava Padyachi belonged to the actor alone who alone could perform a role like that, Archana said.

Sathyaraj who did the role of Madhava Padyachi speaking the at the function said, that by acting in the film under the direction of Bharathi Raja had created some problems. Many questioned Sathyaraj about the other roles which he did in other films and sometimes became felt sad for having done such roles. To wipe out, the bad impression, he said he did Periyar role which had brought him back the name of Bharathi Raja film, about which he was satisfied. He also recalled, that when he was in Russia for the shootings of the Periyar, a Russian lady had asked him whether Sathyaraj was the person who did the Gandhi role. “The question of the Russian lady still ringing in my ears and is pleasing always whenever I recall” said Sathyaraj.

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