Nov 22, 2007


( by N.Thyagarajan )

It is expected that Urvasi award winner Archana will be honoured with one more award when Onbadhu Rupa Notu is released. Earlier Archana who had won thrice the Urvasi Award had acted with Sathyaraj in the Onbadhu Rupa Notu directed by Thangar Bachan. Earlier her Veedu had brought her good name in the industry.

It is after a long hiatus Archana is appearing in this film in a good role. Archana who is interested in the welfare of her family, laids out condition whenever any producer approaches her. She is willing to act in their films, provided they recognise her as a senior artiste with a lot of awards decorating her almirah in her house. If the status is refused or denied then her next action will be not to act in the film.

Since, Archana has been concentrating only on doing good roles, she forgot to marry. When asked about her idea of marrying at least in the near future, she comes out with firm answer, she had decided not to marry anyone. She also told many reporters, that she would not become a monk, because she had decided to lead her life without marriage. She said, had she decided earlier about the marriage, by this time she would have four children to her rescue, but being only interested in the family welfare, she decided to be spinster always.

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