Feb 6, 2008


Amitabh Bachchan is going through a lean phase. First, he is facing problems in Mumbai with attacks on his house and in Manali, all is not well on the sets of his film Shoe bite which is being directed by Shoojit Sircar. Apparently, when the unit was shooting in Shimla, the crew members cut government railings without permission so that they could install their cameras. What is more interesting to know is that the area in which the incident took place was a high security zone and very close to the Chief Minister’s house. When officials came to know of this, they instructed Shoojit and his team to repair the railing. The unit members took the warning seriously and got it repaired eventually.

This was not an isolated case. More was yet to follow. On another occasion, the unit had blocked an entire area in Shimla so that the shooting could take place. There were a number of people who gathered around to catch a glimpse of the Shahensha. The crowd was on their best behaviour and all was smooth sailing.. until an ambulance needed to pass through the cordoned area where the shooting was in progress. However, the unit members refused to let it pass despite the crowds’ pleading. Soon the crowd began to get agitated and when a bystander took a photograph of the incident, Amitabh’s security personnel and unit members got hold of the camera and apparently broke it. This infuriated the people. According to sources even more people were manhandled by the unit members.

Once again, this incident was brought to light to the police who issued strict warnings to the unit and asked them to behave henceforth or else they would not be permitted to shoot in the future.

I guess the unit took this advice to heart for there have been no more complaints..

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