Feb 28, 2008


by Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The Sun TV Channel mega serial MAGAL has crossed its 100th episode on Thursday. As.per the story line, Kaveri (Meena Kumari) who as a responsible daughter of a family faces lots of problem by Easwari(Varalakshmi).Easwari’s husband Saravanan helps Kaveri by giving her a job in his company and house to live. Easwari doesn’t like her husband’s friendship with Kaveri family. Kaveri’s younger brother Seenu (Sridhar) who is an irresponsible person starts a business with the help of Easwari. He falls in love with Divya (Revathy Priya) who is the sister of Sarvanan(Rishi). Shanmugam (Kamalesh) younger brother of Saravanan falls in love with Kaveri and wants to marry her. In the coming episodes a lot of scenes with twisted story line will be taking place, says the Director Francis Papu.The serial produced by Nimbus Television

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