Feb 6, 2008



Devayani recently gave birth another a girl child. One and half years ago she was blessed with the first girl baby Iniya. Last week, Devayani in a private nursing home delivered the second baby.

The news came as surprise, when a section of Tamil news papers carried out the news item. However, it was confirmed that the actress gave birth the second issue.

The actress has been acting in Kolangal for the last five years. She gave birth the first child when the serial had hardly crossed his 225th episode. In the meanwhile, Devayani left for the Kalaignar TV Channel to act in Manjal Mahimai. Due to non availability of enough sponsors for the serial, the Kalaignar TV Channel has abandoned the airing of the Manjal Mahimai. Now Devayani is fully attentive with the work of acting in Kolangal. Of course, with the development of modern medical advancement in India, it may take a short time for the actress to come back for acting for the Kolangal. Till then, its director Thiruchelvam had learnt to manage the serial for the time being without the actress.

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