Feb 26, 2008


The shooting of the Kandasamy which was taking place at the Tharamani MGR Film City was stopped for sometime, due to a large gatherings which witnessed the scene of milk-like liquid was pouring down from a neem tree. Sreya and Vikram who were at the shooting spot, came to know about the people running towards the tree situated inside the Film City wanted to have wonderful look at the neem tree. Hence, after their shots were over, both ran towards the tree and watched the milk flowing from the tree. Similarly, the director, technicians and other light boys ran up to the tree and began to watch. They watched some women came out with eerie of laughter, stating that the spirit of the Goddess inspired in them. All, the scenes which went for more than an hour was watched by the entire film unit and following this the shooting did not take place for an hour. Then one by one of the film unit moved slowly and began to attend the work of Kandasamy shooting.

The film unit, in their next schedule has planned to shoot the film in Mexico.

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