Feb 20, 2008


By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The shooting of Oscar Movies Ananda Thandavam is taking place in the USA. It is the story of Writer Sujatha's Pirivom Sandhipom is being produced as film. Gandhi Krishna who is directing the film had made out the screen play without changing the main story. He has also included his ideas. The dialogues of the film is written by Sujatha and Gandhi Krishna, however, the dialogues are corrected by the Writer Sujatha.

As per the story, the lovers wanted to make love and live in a secluded place like island. That is why the film is shot in a natural environment near water falls and hilly area in the US. Debutant Sidharth and Tamanna are acting in the film. Earlier he has been doing modelling and also an IT engineer was working in a Coimbatore company. He has resigned the job and has come for acting in this film. Another important news about the film is that actor Kitty who has not been seen for the last five years in films, is now acting in this film. Madan Bob, Bala Singh, Kalai Rani are acting in the film. Jeeva Shankar handles the camera and music is directed by G.Prakash Kumar. Lyrics of the film are written by Vairamuthu.

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