Feb 6, 2008



Actress Meena is acting as wife of Pasupathy and mother of three children in Kuselan in which Super Star Rajinikanth is the hero. Kuselan is the remake of Malayalam film Kadha Parayum Pol in which Mamooti and Srinivasan acted. In Malayalam too Meena acted as the mother of three school going children.

According to the Tamil film Kuselan's director P.Vasu, that Rajinikanth in this film is a close friend of Pasupathy. Rajinikanth becomes super star and Pasupathy leads a poor life. When the Super Star comes to his native place for a film shooting Pasupathy who is the old friend of Rajini refuses to meet him, for he doesn't like to be revealed about his povertiness and poor status.

In Malayalam Kadha Parayum Pol, the character of Pasupathy was done by Srinivasan who acted opposite Meena.It was understood that actresses Simran and Tabu refused to act in the role of Meena. But, Meena who readily came forward to do the role with Pasupathy.

In the Tamil version Nayantara act opposite Rajinikanth.

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