Feb 14, 2008


After fighting the bad guys in Jackie Chan’s action flick – The Myth, bollywood beauty, Mallika Sherawat would be soon spotted in yet another Hollywood film, The Aquarian Gospel – a film that focuses on the life of Jesus Christ.

The film looks into Christ`s life, from the time he was 13 years of age till the time he turned 30. The film shall see Mallika donning the role of Christ’s confidante during his visit to Kashmir, India. Australian born Drew Heriot, director of the widely acclaimed – The Secret (2006), is at the helm of the film.

The Bible does not speak much about Christ’s younger years and many stories have been constructed as to what he did during these years. Heriot ‘s film would be a chronicle of Jesus` journey from Israel as a young boy, through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt.

Mallika who has time and again experimented with different roles shall play the role of Saraswati, one of Yeshua`s (Jesus) loyal friends whom he bonds with while he travels through India.

Heriot, who is all praise for the Indian beauty said, "Mallika is not just a pretty face, she is versatile, has a background in philosophy, so she will convey the richness of the subject matter in the story."

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Neel said...

There are many evidences to show that Jesus went to India and even died there…all people who go out to find these evidences eventually become convinced of it. Only people who stay home and are too lazy to study anything themselves will never ever find the truth…The truth is out there for all to grab….If only you people knew what scholars are discovering about the historical Jesus, you would realise to what extent we can have false impressions by seeing what Christianity has become today…Visit my blog to find my own research: