Mar 26, 2008



There has been a wide-spread speculation that many Tamil Nadu political leaders are acting in the film Dasavatharam, directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar. When contacted the production officials, they said, that some clippings of the political leaders like Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and Thol.Thirumavalavan are appearing in a scene when they praise the Scientist Kamal Hassan of the film.

The rumour added, that each and every political leaders of the Tamil Nadu took part in the shootings of the film with Kamal Hassan. It further stated that comedian Karunas is acting in the film. When contacted the production office, we came to know that there was no such shooting took place for the political leaders, instead they sought the permission to insert the clippings of Kalaignar and Jayalalitha to include their clippings in the film, followed by the public address of the political leader Thol.Thirumavalavan. There was no shooting took place, affirmed the officials from the Dasavatharam production.

For Manmohan Singh's appearance on the dais, a Marwari from Rajasthan is appearing as the Prime Minister of India.

When asked about the comedian Karunas, the production office official said, that a person look-alike the comedian namely, Salem Ranganathan is appearing in the scene and also clarified that Karunas in this film is not acting at all.

Even, the film's hero Kamal himself did not know about the further developments that are taking in the release of the Dasavatharam with additional inputs.

Sometimes our journalists are trusting the rumours and they sometime forget to check the veracity of the rumours floated from out side.

An English daily from Chennai, claimed to be the largest circulated news paper within a span of fiver years, very recently published that actress Jothika would deliver twins. This was also another rumour. The journalist who has been writing for the news paper as an outsider, believed that the rumours might be true and made the editor to publish the item. Except that English news paper no other news papers, including a small news papers of English and Tamil had published the item. Many other news papers thought they had missed the opportunity of carrying out the news item in their news papers.Then the time for the child delivery came and most of the fans of the actor Jyothika and Suriya were eagerly waiting for the twins. But what happened? Jyothika delivered only one female baby. The news in the particular news paper had become false.

Many news papers who wanted the services of youngsters for their reporting jobs, could not ascertain the mental maturity of those who attend interviews. If they are young and would be able to write in flawless english, they are most welcome for those newspapers. What is the locustandi of the reporter who had been in the field of cinema reporting more than a decade? Why the cinema reporter should not cross check the news item with the concerned persons?

These are all some of the questions that should have taken place and now it is too late and it is shame on the part of the news paper for coming out with such false news in their paper, that too on the front page.

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