Mar 3, 2008


From March 3 onwards, actress Simran will be appearing in Jaya TV Channel. She is the heroine of the Simran Chinnathirai programme produced by Pyramid Saimeera Entertainment. Twelve different stories written by leading writers are made as made as serials and each story will be telecast for a month's period with Simran as the heroine. Simran was recently contacted and answered the following questions.

Why you have refused to act in Chandramuki and then in Kuselan?
It is not the question of refusal. When Chandramuki offer came to me, there was some family problem and I could not accept the offer. I could not act in Kuselan because of dates problem. Even before the offer of Kuselan came to me, I have given dates for six months. Hence, it was purely due to the call sheet problem and nothing anything personal.

We hear that you have refused to act in films because of your demand for high salary?
It is not because of a high salary in films. I was offered to act in roles more than that of my age and appearance. I was asked to act in aunts roles, elder sister roles. But, those characters required a person who has completed more than 45 years. I am hardly 33 now and I have not reached that stage, perhaps it may take more than a decade. Moreover, my physical and face look appear to be very young. It will be premature to act in mature old aged roles. So I myself I refused act in the roles and it is not because of I have demanded more salary.

What is your opinion about the acting of other artistes?
I like the acting of Asin, Trisha and Sreya. Really, all these three are performing well.

Do you feel that it is below the dignity to act in small-screen serials?
A: I don't think so. Before coming to films I appeared in Doordarshan's Mukabula. That was the year 1995. We must wait and watch about selling of our products. At any time I never differentiated acting for big or small screens.

Would you be interested coming to politics again?
No. I have no such desire as of now. But we can't predict what will happen tomorrow. Let us wait and see.

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