Mar 15, 2008


By N.Thyagarajan

The subamuhurat function of the Engal Asan film took place at the Chennai AVM Studios recently. Actor Vijaykanth is appearing as the hero of the film. His 150th film Arasangam will be released on April 14.
Vijaykanth was posed a lot of questions to which he patiently answered to all.

What is the story of Engal Asan?
This film's story is entirely different than that of my earlier films. It is a suspense thriller based on the story taking place in a village.

In what way the story is different?
To mention about the climax of the film, it will be different something unexpected by the viewers. The suspense of the story starts from the very beginning. There will be number of altercations and fights with the heroine.

How do you select the story?
I alone always choose the story. If I approve the story then the film should be a success. I am aware about that many distributors trust me. I always very cautious that they should not burn their fingers. I am sure, that this film will be a success commercially.

Will there by any punching dialogues propagating your political party?
My films would always have punch dialogues. After my entry into politics, many have quoted that my punching dialogues were belonged to my political party or my career. But it is not so. This film will also have some punching dialogues. I am sure that the director of the film would have made it aptly to the story line of the film. Hence, this film is not purely based on politics.

How do you allocate time when you are busy schedules with your political career as a leader of a party?
First I allocate lesser time for my acting. I accept films when the producers and directors agree to shoot films, the time I have been fixing for their films. I allot more time to my politics. I simply reject the offers if they allot me the time for their shooting.

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