Mar 5, 2008


( By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan )
After a long time the famous music director M.S.Viswanathan is going to direct music for Valiban Sutrum Ulagam. In 70’s M.G.R. acted in Ullagam Sutrum Valibhan. But this producer has changed the name with ulta pulta. The story is, for a severe disease, a doctor finds a medicine formula and decides to surrender it to the Government. The medicine company owner accepts for this.. But the partner of that company plans to give the formula to foreign manufacturers earn millions of dollars. He kills the doctor but the medicine company owner escapes with the formula. The partner begins to search for the owner and troubles the family owner’s family members. The suspense is whether the formula goes to the Government? Whether that villain (partner) arrested by the police.
The Film Produced by Sri Jai Shakthi creations. Story, Screen play, and dialogues are all done by A.R.Lalithasamy.
M.G.R.Siva and Meenakshi are introduced in the film. The other co-stars are M.G.R.Hari, Manorama, Latha and Vennira Addai Moorthy.

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