Mar 24, 2008



S.T.Venddan's story, screen play and direction for the film Inba is something in his unique in its character when compared to other films. It is a story of a boy Inba Sekaran (Sham) who goes to juvenile school when he was studying his school final, for he was ditched by a girl who studies with him. She pretends as if she is in love with him, because, she wants to uphold the first rank in her school. Venddan is cautioning that the students should be alert with their female counterparts, for it may sometime endangering them to go to juvenile schools. When the rich girl Priya he simply refuses to accept her love because of his past experiences. She comes out from her heart that she is very much in love with him, but when he starts accepting her the Superintendent of Police wants his younger brother to be given marriage of Priya. Sneha has done the role of Priya. Arun Pandi who is very active in his earlier films shows in this film, that he is reaching his old age. This could be estimated with his shaky dialogues. What Sneha in this film tries to prove is that she is also heading for her old-age, her necks and the joints of her hands simply tell that, however her smile has not deteriorated.

The director had shown two heroes, the one as a school boy and the other one grown up one. Shamm does the role of the grown up who loves Sneha. The younger days of Shamm is done by another innocent and the young girl who ditches the younger Shamm is Poornitha who appears in various commercial advertisements seems to be too short for her age. She came personally to the AVM pre-view theater after the show was over. She created a history by acting in Radhika's Radan TV Serial. Her role in this film is a small when compared to her role in Radaan's Sithi aired in the Sun TV Channel. Hence, there was no positive feedback from some journalists on seeing her in the theater.

The story of the film should have twisted. Instead of the Superintendent of Police who kills the don, ( Arun Pandiyan ), Arun Pandiyan should have escaped from the attacks of the inspector and must have sought the help of his sister's lover Shamm who was in jail. Shamm should have escaped from the prison, and must have given the job of attacking the inspector. Had they done it, the film would have done well. The song of younger days Shamm with Poornitha scores high, however one can't belittle the other songs. But they are not done in a pleasing manner.

Kanja Karuppu with his associate has done the role of the Lock repairer well. He brings laughter and the character like this should be given to Kanja. Sualkshana as Shamm's mother has done her part well.

Music of P.B.Balaji is okay, but one finds something miss in him. The dialogues of Suba and the comedy track of Sakthivel bring feathers to merit the film.

Shamm with his robust body in fighting scene and his seriousness which he shows when Sneha often hints at him about her love, is appreciable. But one could easily say, that Shamm could have given some more responsibilites to make his role weighty. Shamm is now experienced in his role and has developed a lot in his career with his physical appearance.

In the first half of the film, the film runs not because of the hero or the heroine but because of the comedy scene. An item song in this film is shown in a light greenary film color does not create any impact.

The film may do well or may not but there are no attractions other than Sneha's sleeveless jackets in different colors added with her smiles.

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Anonymous said...

I happened to watch Inba movie last week in chennai. I agree with Mr. Thiyagarajan, that the flash back story triggers an advise to all school students.
The songs are too good. I am happy that such young talents like P.B.Balaji have started contributing to Tamil film industry. The flash back song "Yaaro Yaaro" is excellent. We should encourage such young budding talents to boom up in the industry.