Mar 22, 2008


By N.Thyagarajan

Actress Monica recently has warned Silandhi film Munna when he hugged the actress while the rehearsal of honeymoon scene in Pondcherry.

According to the story-line the newly married couples should make love in the honeymoon scene by embracing themselves. Munna was little bit warmth in his rehearsal and he hugged Monica as if it would take in the normal course of the newly married couple. Following the action, Monica immediately warned the hero, that he should maintain limits in the scene. Then came apology from the hero Munna, who said that he was little bit over in his action to make the scene in a natural way. The immediately Monica shot back and asked that if it was a sucide scene, would he tie the knot round his neck and hang himself to make the scene in a natural way?

Again Munna came before the actress and apologised to her for his actions. Then the shooting of the honeymoon scene minus hugging was filmed.

When talking about the experience of Silandhi, actress Monica said that she saw literally a ghost while the shooting was going on in the midnight while a thrilling scene was filmed. The film's director and other persons including herself saw a ghost like appeared behind her chair. When asked about it someone who is familiar of the shooting spot had told them that it was a real ghost and added that many had seen the ghost earlier. Recalls Monica that the particular event still bothers her mind. Then what about the real embracement of the film's hero? The incident has gone from her mind and dead, since Munna had apologized to her.

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