Mar 17, 2008


Sarath Kumar has taken the role of a psychiatarist in Vaitheeswaran and he wants to make some changes after he receive the feed backs from his fans. This the actor told at a press-meet held recently in Chennai. He said that he wished to watch his fans how his fans treated the role of Vaitheeswaran. After studying and receiving the information, he wanted to switch over to do some science related characters.

Vaitheeswaran is the story about a number of rebirths that human being would undertake. Though Sarath is a strong believer in God, he said he did not know anything about rebirths.

Sarath now is acting in an action-thriller film 1977 which is filmed in Malaysia. The story of the film would be like that of an Casino Royal, Sarath said. He is acting in a Malayalam film Pazhasi Raja with Mamooti.

His next film will be under the direction of K.S.Ravikumar. The work of this film will be started in the coming May. When asked about the story line of the story, that he did not know anything about the story and was not sure whether the story of Sakku Boy which was already written for the Super Star Rajnikanth. His next film will be in December under the direction of Selvaraghavan.

When Sarath was speaking, actors Vijaykumar, Riaz Khan, Director Vidhyadharan, producers Senthil Kumar and Ganesh and cinematographer Paneer Selvam were present.

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