Dec 12, 2007


Thotta Sinungi, Swarnamuki, Priyasaki were some of the films directed by K.S.Adhiyaman who was in Chennai after a long time. The director left for Mumbai for sometime to direct Hindi films is now in Kodambakkam studios amidst busy schedules of the Thoondil.

Question: You have comeback to Tamil after a long time. What is your next movie?

Answer : Now I am directing Thoondil with Sham as hero opposite Sandhya and Divya. It is a family subject with two heroines. It will be colourful and going to masala. I started this film without any publicity and pooja.

Question: I heard that you left Tamil Nadu and settled in Mumbai?

Answer : Who said? ( Laughs) and with a pause, Tamil Nadu is my land. Kodambakkam is my birth place. Mumbai is my mother-in-law's house.

Question: You know that Sham's recent films were not very successful. Knowing the fact how you selected the hero?

Answer : One can't calculate the failure of the film with the actors and actresses of the film. My task is to win in the race with the horse which had not seen the victory. You can recognise the calibre of Sham's acting in the film.

Question: Does it mean that the Director alone is responsible for the success of the film?

Answer: I didn't mean that. But when a film flops the directors are blamed. When such is the order of the day, why you didn't accept that the total victory of a film lies in the hands of the director.When you go back past in the Tamil film history it was Bala who gave a good break to Vikram and Suriya. There are many directors who have become successful in their ventures after they had given chances to the artistes who were once upon a time denied. their chances. They too had became popular after they acted under the successful directors.

Question: Could you tell me the difference between Hindi and Tamil films?

Answer : It may be a Hindi film or the Tamil one, the ultimate responsibility is the same.To complete a Hindi film it takes a long time. In Tamil, the completion of the work is very quick.

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