Dec 12, 2007



THE famous Malayalam heroine Kavya Madhavan who was here in Chennai for the shootings of Saadhu Miranda was a one-time child artiste of the Malayalam films. People started recognising her when she first appeared in Pookalam Varavayee.Her photos started to adorn the houses of various fans in Kerala after the film Chandran Udikkunna Dikkil was released.She did the role of heroine in the film. While the people of Kerala have had seen her growth step by step in films, the people of Tamil Nadu began to recognise her when En Mana Vaanil was released.

"Still I live in the minds of the Keralaite because my roles in Malayalam films were such. Various directors had given me life and still I am the 'queen' in the film Industry" claims Kavya. If any one asks me what I would have been, had I not entered the filmdom, I could not find a suitable answer to it" says Kavya.

"Today I am in good position and known to all because the blessings of the Lord Guruvayoorappan and Mookambika" says Kavya who says that she has been an ardent devotee and regular visitor to these temples.

When asked about why there was such a long respite in getting chance after the Tamil film En Manavaanil, she replied that she was expecting offers, but there was no one from Tamil Nadu offered her chance.She said, " At last the director Siddique called me to act in his Saadhu Miranda."

When asked about her character in Saadhu Miranda, she said that she is acting as an Editor for a private TV channel. She saves the hero Prasanna from committing suicide. " After the incident the story takes a different twist" happily comes out Kavya but not with the entire story of the film.

"Really, I feel sad that I could not continue my education to earn good name as I have been getting through my acting. However, I am doing first year B.A ( Literature ) by correspondence courses" says Kavya.

When asked about acting in glamour roles, Kavya replied that she was dead against exposing body in the name of glamour. " Even I will not welcome, if anyone comes with the story that I should appear glamourously in one or two songs. I would simply reject the story and the person who is aiming for something from me" swiftly replies Kavya.

Kavya was able to answer the following questions in one word.

What is the meaning of acting?
Ans: Creation (Sirushti)

What is the meaning of Love?

Love has no form. So far I have no experience in that.

What about your marriage?

The selection of the groom is left with my parents.

What is the important thing with you like most?

Only my eyes. With my eyes only I see myself and others.


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