Dec 2, 2007

Machakaran - Tamil film review

The story of love between utter poverty stricken Jeevan and rich Kamna. As per story-line Jeevan wants to help others. His help to various persons on several occasions misunderstood by the people and hence he meets bad treatments from them. Kamna who is close friend of innocent Jeevan helps him out by proving that he is innocent to all. The friendship becomes love, and Kamna's father Chopra Joe threatens Jeevan's father Vinod Raj that he would face dire consequences, if he allows his son to marry Kamna. Hence, the marriage did not take place. On coming to know, the Chopra was a fraudf, Jeevan decides to expose him. He takes Kamna with him to a relative house. When Kamna's father comes to know about the wedding to take place, he reaches the village with his goons to stop the marriage and take away Kamna. What happens is the suspense of the story?

This is second film for the director Tamil Vaanan after his first film Kalvanin Kadhali. He takes the story with experimenting it in the first half and in the second half the story runs with a high speed. Jeevan has missed the nice chance in this film to setttle in his character. Yuvan Shankar Raja was too busy with other films, and hence could not organise a proper music in this film.

Totally Machakaran (Lucky fellow) becomes unlucky by virtue of its story.

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